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Moment Blister Pro vs. Blizzard Gunsmokes?

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So I have a pair of Bonefides ( a bit too short at 173). I want a powder ski. Longer wider floatier. 5'8" 160 lbs, 56 years old. Skiing since I was three. Strong technical skier but a bit old school. In shape. Love all terrain and like to be in the middle of my ski or forward. Like a stable ski at speed. Don't jump/spin/or go upside down. Just ski. Do a bit of skinning. Go side country a lot. Ski mostly in US west and Europe in fresh snow wherever I can find it.

All suggestions on ski and length welcome. Thanks in advance.
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The Moment Blister Pro is just a renamed Bibby Pro (of the original variety).  I am only 20lbs heavier than you and I love the 190cm. I am not a charger and my fundamentals are average.  It still doesn't feel like too much ski.  For you, I'd think the 184cm Blister Pro would be a great fit.  I love this ski because its a blast on powder days, destroys soft chop and crud, and still holds an acceptable edge on the groom (for a 118 waisted ski).  Haven't found anything that can hang like this in all conditions but is still as forgiving.

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 advanced intermediate here...

i have the old bibby and really like it...im 200lbs+ on the 190. Id go for the 184 at your size.

I have skied it on everything thing from Frozen to a foot of powder. Definitely dont want to be on it in hard conditions, but even a few inches makes it really fun.

you might have already read, but if not...






Ed: Never mind Hart...i see youve already posted in the comments!!

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Another vote for the Blister Pro aka OG Bibby Pro.  One of the most fun skis I've owned. 

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I haven't skied the Bibby/Blister.  The Gunsmoke is a fun ski, I have had several great days on it.  Not demanding, very smooth, supple, handles crappy snow well, versatile for what it is.  Definitely not burly, I think you can find the speed limit easier than you would on a Cochise or Scout.  Either of those are going to be better for the charger, the Gunsmoke skis a few cm shorter (as it should) based on the length and is just quicker and more playful, but still pretty Austrian in feel.



Sorry I can't compare more, I haven't skied much from Moment. 

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Many thanks all. Will figure this out and let you know.

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