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New Jr Racer with wide forefoot, pronation & turnout

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Hello, We are new to racing (D team slalom/GS) and having trouble finding the right boot.  My son is 13, 110 lbs, 5'4", measures 1-2mm over a mondo 24 in socks.  A local shop originally put him in a 26.5 and his coach sent us back to the drawing board (rightly so as I'm learning).  We were then directed to both 25.5 and 24.5 with flex everywhere between 60-80 at the same shop different folks. He has only skied 2 yrs but is a fast learner with a background in unicycling.  He manages black diamonds but needs to work on carving.


It turns out he has a thin shin, wide forefoot, pronation and a lot of turning out of his right foot which caused problems and pain in the 24.5 lange jr race boots as well as others. So, maybe a wider last would help?  I'm guessing he was just sized up to alleviate that but we don't want him moving around in a too big race boot. 


They didn't have a Jr boot in the right size that worked.  I was told the Dobermann Team at 100mm might work but are too short for him.  He is at the lanky stage with longish thin legs.  He barely moves an 80 flex with mostly heels coming off the ground but crunches a 60/65.


The Lange RS 70 had a 97mm last- definitely too narrow.  We were told most any boot would have to be punched out around the ankle due to the turning out..


1) Are the last mm measurements actual or relative to the boot maker like the flex? 


2) I was told the Dobermann Team 80 which is taller has a "generous" 98mm last.  Is that enough to make a difference? Does this boot have a generous foreoot?


3) Dalbello Scorpion 70 with 98mm last was also suggested.  Any info on this boot?


4) Is it ok to go with a 25.5 and "fill it in" as one person suggested?


5) will a race liner pack in enough to allow for a little growth over the season?


6) Any suggestions on a wider last boot suitable for a first year jr racer? 


We will have to special order as the local shop doesn't have a good fit in stock.  They will make adjustments but have given so much conflicting advice I would appreciate any help.  I'm hoping to get the right boot soon and he won't be able to try before ordering just make adjustments after..


Thank you so much for reading this.

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He has a high instep.


Is that something that customizing can accommodate?  Is there a particular jr boot that has a higher instep last?


The shop doesn't have anything that works in his size but will order a boot.  It won't be returnable so, I would like to start with as close a fit as possible.


Thanks for any help.

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if the shop cannot be sure of what boot they need to order and it is non returnable i would be finding another shop!  there are so many options out there and so far all anyone has done has throw a load of boots art you which either have (or for the most part) haven't worked out of the box, it may be that any of the boots listed above will work with some minor fitting work, we are not talking major rebuild here but some simple stuff.


it is impossible for us to fit boots over the net for your son, most of the boots that have been mentioned are great junior race boots, it is a case of working with the store and their fitter to maximize the fit, where are you based, we may be able to recommend a good fitter in your area, the fact someone is suggesting a 25.5 when the foot is only just 24.0 is a worry, it is time to seek some better hands on advice


sorry we can't say exactly what will work, very difficult without the feet (or a crystal ball ;)  ) 

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Agree with CEMS comment about size. Given your description of his foot can't imagine a reason why he wouldn't be in a 24. A shop that at this time of year can't pull a 24 race boot off the shelf is not going to be able to provide the fit services you may need anyway.

Where are you located? Is there only one shop in the area?

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