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frig-fraggin' shoulders!

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last Monday I was doing what I thought would be a great fall DH shuttle on my MTB... turned out to be my last. as I entered a rocky chute of about 35-40 deg and 100 ft long, I hit a jump to try to clear all the ruts and large stones/roots below. cleared 3/4 of them but landed a wee bit squirrely, the bike threw me down & forward, I landed on my left shoulder HARD, somersaulted, then hit my head & right shoulder and slid to a stop.

PAIN. intense pain.

left shoulder feels like a box o' Cracker Jack, nuts and crunchy corn. can't move arm too well, but let's try to ride down anyway.

descend further to sweeping sharp rt turn, hit berm, left arm gives out, I hit a tree that sits atop the berm mid-point WITH THE SAME CRUNCHY LEFT SHOULDER, and it goes CRACK! CRUNCH!

I get off the bike and walk it down, exiting in the dark.

Last ER visit they charged me $$ and told me to see my orthopod.

This time I skipped the ER and saw the sawbones yesterday.

Fractured left scapula and possible torn left AND right rotator cuffs.

Today I had MRIs for further definite diagnosis on the soft tissues.

Let's hope I don't need reconstruction on either arm. I need to build frames AND start skiing in about 1-1.5 months, or at least by early Jan.

Oh, and BTW, bears... I am in for the Gathering, and am staying at the HostelX.
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Hi, hope the MRI news is good i.e. no surgery! Sounds VERY painful. Good luck
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Sorry, Gonz, that stinks big time. Get well fast, ya hear!

Tom / PM
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Sorry to hear about your injury, Gonz, and I hope you are soon on the mend.
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Shoulders are bad joints to bust up. Keep a good attitude, and follow the doc's physical therapy program religiously. It would be sad to heal up and find you have a frozen shoulder from lack of use. Also, it's time to get tight with some NSAIDs.

Good luck Gonz.

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thanks all, I appreciate the postivity! I'm finding out in about 1.5 hours just what the soft tissue injuries are.

sure was fun in the MRI tube yesterday. glad I'm not a claustrophobic! couldn't use my .mp3 player, so I tried to nap during the half-hour scan. nap? did I say nap? somehow I forgot how danged LOUD the MRI scanner is.

report to follow in several hours.
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Good luck with the shoulders. Besides building bikes and skiing, don't you have a move coming up soon?
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well it seems I am not going to need any surgery, and that I should be healed up in about 5-6 weeks.

as it turned out, the fracture of the scapula was more extensive than the x-ray showed. it runs the whole length, starting near the joint itself and running diagonally across the scapula. apparently they heal fine if they're not stressed.

the right shoulder has a very minor rotator cuff tear and a very minor separation of the AC joint. it will heal fine with PT and time.

so, my ski season is looking good, as is my framebuilding.

Rio, you're correct - I am slated to move into my house on Dec 1. My friends have convinced me that I'm not needed for that, and that they can handle it. Guess I'll be the line boss.
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Good luck and a speedy recovery! Wow, that had to have hurt!

I would heed the advice of doing exactly what you are told. I had a similar injury (as you do to your right shoulder) a few years back, maybe 10 now, and I ended up with a "frozen" shoulder. Let me tell you it is no fun, almost as bad as the initial injury itself. The only good thing is that I had a great therapist. (His looks weren't too bad either )
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Sorry to read about that fall, Gonz - but glad it's less serious than you thought. Still, it SEEMS serious.

You must be an edgier guy than I am. The MRI tube and noise put me to sleep . . . but those who know me understand how laid back I am JUST KIDDING!

Maybe now's the time to freelance some legal work - but as I recall from the broken wrist episode, even opening a book or a file can present a challenge when you're broken up.

Hey, take it easy, take the good advice on ice and NSAI stuff, and we'll see you in JH! Get well!

EDIT: P.S. There's something called a "cryo-cuff", I think. It get strapped to your shoulder, and then ice water enters via gravity. Really works!

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Hey, sorry about the shoulder gonzo, but glad you don't need surgery. Don't know if PT will help, but it did wonders for a knee injury I had a few years back. Find a good functional-training sports-oriented PT and look into it.

Good luck!
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Same as everybody, sorry to hear about the injury. The good news is that you are going to be ok when the snow will be at it's best!
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Get well soon.
And just remember, we've got two arms, so that if you damage one, you can still hold a beer with the other.

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Get well soon but don't forget to wear a helmet ...

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Guess you need a bigger front fork next time!

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Gonz Gonz Gonz, When are you going to quit those kid games?

It must be a bitch going to the bathroom, huh?

Ah yes, this is experience talking.

I do hope you heal quickly enough too be in good condition for ski season. Hey, I skied with a severely torn rotator cuff with the boys at Squaw. And, if it comes right down to it, "you don't need no stinkin poles anyway"

Now is the time one needs agood woman to take care of you.

Good luck and heal quickly!

Oh yes, don't forget to take your Vicadin every four hours!

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Sharon, you mean the '03 Super T doesn't fix all? heh heh heh... this one was the pilot's fault, unfortunately. Thanks for the thoughts, and please tell Lee I said hello. Since I'm getting some BC skis, boots, etc. this year, I hope we can make some turns together this season or next. I want to visit Van and the Shore and the snow!

Lars, I'm afraid the woman and the Vicodin are in short supply at Casa Gonz. I am doing my best on every other front. Heh. Definitely can ski this season, orthopod said I'd be healed by mid-Dec. Besides, I've got 2 pair of new alpine skis and a new set of BC gear waiting for me to thrash them.

DB, where did you get a photo of my Rehab Helmet? My version has one more attachment. Mystery.

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That sucks.

A healing tip: Get some pure, fresh, animal cartilage -- a shark's fin, horse meniscus, stingray tail, walrus flippers, a human ear, whatever -- and chew on it whenenever you can. A fresh wad is good for about three days of steady chewing. Doing this will cut your healing time by about a third.

This is not a joke, but a secret from the ancient peoples of the north. Why do you think even an eldery Nunavut can break a leg slipping on the ice and be back dancing the inuktitut in a matter of weeks?

Heal fast and good luck.
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Sorry to hear about your injury.
Hope you get well! Stay Kewl. :

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Go to . He may have some extra vikes for you.
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Bummer, dude. Time to wash that hair and those stanky pits, and get a woman to do push ups on top of. Actually, she can bathe you too. That will help speed your recovery.

MRI tubes are like being buried alive. Glad you made it through. Take CARE, Gonz.
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What are BC skis?

Should have gone with the monsters!

We were riding in Whistler on Saturday, they were making snow with a passion!

After today, I don't think we'll be riding up there anymore.

Let us know when you're coming.

You can share with us the dilemma, do I ride or ski this weekend???
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Oh no! What happened with the law gig? Bike frames now? What's going on. Good luck with house purchase and all that jazz now. Just bought a place in Sun Peaks too so now you have 2 choices of places to visit
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legal work in the background upon reqest, Lee... last Thursday I was approached by a friend to sit on the board of a new non-profit he's creating, to study and educate the public on raptors that are active in the Northern US Rockies. I'm also the attorney for the framebuilding company I've formed... how incestuous!

Sun Peaks? I hear the riding there is phenomenal as is the skiing. You and Sharon are set!

PS to Sharon - BC gear is backcountry stuff, an AT setup. just picked up the boots last week, skis and bindings to come.
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