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Tyrol Basin Nastar 11/19/14

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   Thats right we already had our first race of the season. The GM saw me in the lift line at Tyrol[Mt.Horeb , Wi.] and asked if he started the lifts on Wed. for racing only would we get a few people to show" hope so". With a couple days notice we turned out 33 racers from age 8 to 77. Looking down from the chair and all you see are people carving turns on their warm up runs is pretty cool.

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Wow.  And we are OPENING on November 28!  I'm pretty confident we have more snow on the ground in the area than you do.....   Frustrating sometimes.


Are you going to be at Brule for Thanksgiving?

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You bet, coming over for some stick time?

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Nice, we're looking at Dec 7th for first gates (pre season race league), unless they take pity on us and decide to set one on Friday night.

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  Its crazy how early the season is beginning

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