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Lange Thermofit Liner

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I bought a pair of Lange RX130 LV with the ThermoFit RL3 liner.  My shop, which I trust, is telling me not to thermofit them.  They are saying it is an open cell foam and heating it and compressing it will make the liner pack out quicker.  They recommend just buckling it down and standing in it for as long as possible at home before skiing it.  Anybody have input on this?

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Hmm. I'm not sure why you wouldn't get the liner molded; some people don't, but it's not a big deal to do, so if the shop knows what they're doing it would seem logical to have them do it for free now rather than paying a bootfitter later if they don't pack out right. When new my liners (Lange RS SC 120s) held my feet very firmly without buckling, and was tight enough in the forefoot to need a little work; I also got custom-built footbeds for my beaten up middle aged feet and, of course, heat molding.

Does the shop offer a fit guarantee? Did you get fitted by a professional bootfitter or by a salesman/woman? How does the boot/liner feel straight out of the box? Hot spots, numbness, pain? Do you have footbeds?

Oops, ETA that it took two seasons for my liners to pack out noticeably enough to need some small additions to maintain their performance, but my understanding is that the RX liners are softer than the RS's, so maybe someone else can opine on whether the RX liners will pack out faster.
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I wouldn't bother - if it was a loose 14mm+ fit that would be like saving 2 weeks of the life of the liner.    And it would be formed to my standing-around-in-a-ski-shop-with-hot-feet feet instead of my skiing feet.   In a fit like that,   I don't really need standing-around comfort that badly.  Or at all, really.


If it was a race fit then I wouldn't be comfortable enough to be asking the question and they would have done it for me before I got a chance to post about it.

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