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Opening Day worth it (Holiday Valley)?

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My mountain is making snow, though another mountain about 2 hours away is opening up on Friday, which also happens to be my birthday. I was thinking it would be fun to get with a couple of buddies and go skiing there after work. I am assuming, others will be equally interested in hitting the slopes on opening day, though as I am not a fan of crowds, should I just avoid it all together? I am also assuming that not all the lifts/runs will be open either. Any input on open days?



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Sure it is! The announcement I read said 2 lifts will be running. Don't know which two though from the web cams it looks like real winter has arrived up at HV.

I'm chomping at the bit to go down here in Pittsburgh and hoping 7 Springs decides to open earlier than the Friday after Thanksgiving .unfortunately down here early next week looks warm and wet the beginning of the week.

Go for it, you"ll have fun and if you don't go you"ll probably wish you had.
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Holiday Valley Will Open One Week Early 
2014-15 Season to Begin Friday, November 21, 2014 
(November 18, 2014, Ellicottville, NY…) Holiday Valley’s President and General Manager, Dennis Eshbaugh announced today that the resort will open at 9AM on Friday, November 21. According to Eshbaugh, “We’ve received over 20 inches of snow since last Friday and we were able to fire up the snowguns Monday evening. With round the clock snowmaking, we’ll be able to open a week earlier than planned. What a great way to start the season!” 
The resort plans a “Preview Weekend” with 2 lifts running from 9AM to 10PM on Friday and 8:30AM to 10PM on Saturday and Sunday, serving 4 slopes or more, depending on the natural snowfall and snowmaking progress. There will be terrain available for advanced beginners through advanced skiers and snowboarders. The slopes will then be closed from Monday, November 24 through Thursday, and will reopen for the season on Friday, November 28.

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I may miss opening weekend, but I will likely go down the following weekend for a few hours. I'm not sure when we will open at HM, but if the weather stays like this it will not be long. The amount of snow between here and there is insane... predicting 80 inches in some areas by Thursday. Holiday always does a good job getting a good base on their trails before opening. They can put down a lot of snow very quickly. Conditions should be good.

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The awesome lake effect snow squalls can produce prolific snow totals. I "ll never forget my one experience with an isolated Lake effect snow and. I was heading to BUffalo just outside of Erie getting on the thruway and I never witnessed a snowstorm this intense. I was talking to the guy in the toll booth about whether the tollway was going to close and he pointed up the road to a little hill a few miles away and said it was not even snowing up there.

Sure enough it was bone dry a few miles away. But it was crazy how hard it was snowing at the toll both. Never experienced anything like that .
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Yeah, we barely got any of the "super storm snow". My local mountain surprisingly opened this morning. I think I might just hit that up instead and hit HV, when all the slopes are open.

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