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SoCal Bears

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I have been following the news on the wildfires. Hope all of you are safe.
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We were given a warning to prepare to evacuate yesterday between 10 and 11am in San Diego. We were in the kearny mesa area which was about 1.5 miles west of Tierrasanta. It was pretty crazy...we couldn't see flames because of the buildings around us, but we were able to see the glow of flames over the roof of the buildings.

there was a fire raging near the marine corps air station a few miles north of us. my car was there so we tried to go there to pull my car out so it wouldn't get fried in the fire to see a road block about 2 miles away from the entrance. There were alot of people just parked on the side of the road standing on their cars watching camp elliot (east of MCAS miramar) on fire...the billowing smoke was crazy...heh...we woke up at 8am or so that day, and we couldn't walk around the house without the lights on because of all the smoke...sun was blood red...ash had piled up a bit too...we had thought it was the paradise fire raging about 50 miles away but were we wrong...

anyways, we managed to pack up our belongings and get ready to evacuate...one of my roommates was a total ass and said he wouldn't take me up to my friend's place for evacuation purposes...fortunately, i had 2 other friends over and they helped me out....my other roommate loaded up a few of my belongings as well...i took off temporarily to my friend's place with my beagle puppy Rossi and chilled there watching the news all night...

around 11, the skies had started clearing up so one of my roommates came to pick me and rossi up and we headed back to our apartment in kearny mesa...it was smokey, but we could see some stars (planets?) in the sky.

it was pretty crazy...i slept through the night no problem, but i woke up this morning and took a look at the maps...my apartment was in or near the firezone at night...we're at the corner of 163 and 52 if you take a look at the san diego maps.

anyways...just thought i'd let you in on my experience...fortunately, things in San Diego City have seemed to have calmed down quite a bit, tho a stretch of freeway about 4 miles north-east of my place is still closed down.

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Yeah, keep safe you guys. I saw it on the news at the weekend, doesn't look good.

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How scary Melloboy. Stay safe.
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Be like a forest animal, Melloboy. Get the hell out.
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be careful all.

it's a scary situation.

my thoughts and prayers...
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just got an e-mail from baldy; they've received their first snow overnight.
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Hope you get some more to put out the flames.
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