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Travel Insurance - Help!

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I'm going on my first proper skiing holiday in January and I know I should get travel insurance to cover my equipment (borrowing from a friend so has to be covered!) and to make sure if I break my leg I will be covered too. 


Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't know where to start :(

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Originally Posted by Jenny432 View Post

I'm going on my first proper skiing holiday in January and I know I should get travel insurance to cover my equipment (borrowing from a friend so has to be covered!) and to make sure if I break my leg I will be covered too. 


Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't know where to start :(

Welcome to EpicSki!  Where are you going?  North America or Europe?

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I think with insurance companies, it matters where you live, not where you're going. They always ask for your state of residence first thing.
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Check with your insurance agent as most homeowner or apartment renter insurance cover a certain $ amount for belongings that the policy holder temporarily removes from home. Borrowed ski equipment should be included in this coverage or you made need to purchase additional coverage in the form of a Rider.


As far as health insurance I guess it depends on where you live and where you are traveling to.

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I've used TravelGuard although I've never had a claim--they're the biggeest name in the business. You have to figure out what coverage you need. Would an injury be covered by the health insurance you already have? Would theft of equipment be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance? Travel insurance wouldn't cover breakage. Theft can be prevented by locking your skis with a cheap cable. Do you want to be reimbursed if you have to cancel? After all, the money has already been spent. The best use of insurance is to cover an unforeseen expense that you can't afford--like having to buy a new plane ticket on very short notice due to an emergency back home, or having to pay for a night or two in a hotel due to a weather related flight cancellation.  With TravelGuard you can select what kind of coverage you want. You normally have to buy the insurance within a short period of time after to you book your trip to get full coverage. I'm one of those people who think that insurance is to pay for stuff you can't possibly afford, like huge medical bills or your house burning down. If you do buy a policy, read the fine print carefully so you know what is covered. 


You can even insure for the biggest catastrophe of a ski trip--no snow--if you buy a "cancel for any reason" policy, but that's very expensive.

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Look at The site offers comparison quotes from a variety of companies.  We picked up a policy for a trip last year (I don't remember the exact company) and it proved 1)very affordable, and 2)incredibly valuable and necessary, unfortunately.

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As stated before on this site, worry about my travel companion canceling on me at the last minute made me buy the best deal of my life. Used TravelInsured. Got the cancel at any time/any reason coverage, which happened to include medical, along with car rental CDW, theft, trip interruption, the works. I ended up hospitalized mid trip and was not permitted to fly for two weeks. I had to change what we would be doing after I got out of the hospital as I had to stay within fifteen minutes of the hospital and was not allowed to be doing mountain hikes and stuff like that. The return airfare was entirely lost, we had a different rental return location and time period for the car, we had extra lodging and meals. My own health insurance considered the hospital to be out of network and had a high deductible. The trip insurance paid the entire hospital bill less $50, and was primary, as it turned out. New air tickets were covered, along with all the hotel, extra autobahn passes, food, etc.

Best money I ever spent. $375? cost of insurance for $18,000 of expenses.
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Double and triple check the fine print as to what can be excluded. Make sure you specifically ask if skiing is covered.


After several seasons of buying Blue Cross (Canada) insurance found out when we had to make a claim that many activities, skiing included, are specifically excluded ask high risk and our claim was denied. This even though when purchased, it was stated that the reason for travel was skiing and more specifically racing and the telephone agent either didn't know or didn't say that it wasn't covered. Unfortunately with no record, we can't go back after them.

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Exclusions for Travel Insured:

Benefits are not payable for any loss due to, arising or resulting from:

1. suicide, attempted suicide or any intentionally self-inflicted injury of You , a Traveling Companion, Family Member or Business Partner booked to travel with You , while sane or insane;

2. an act of declared or undeclared war;

3. participating in maneuvers or training exercises of an armed service, except while participating in weekend or summer training for the reserve forces of the United States, including the National Guard;

4. riding or driving in races, or speed or endurance competitions or events;

5. mountaineering (engaging in the sport of scaling mountains generally requiring the use of picks, ropes, or other special equipment);

6. participating as a member of a team in an organized sporting competition or participating as a professional in a stunt, athletic or sporting event or competition;

7. participating in bodily contact sports, skydiving or parachuting except parasailing, hang gliding, bungee cord jumping, extreme skiing, skiing outside marked trails or heli-skiing, spelunking or caving, or scuba diving if the depth exceeds 120 feet (40 meters) or if You are not certified to dive and a dive master is not present during the dive;

8. piloting or learning to pilot or acting as a member of the crew of any aircraft;

9. being Intoxicated as defined herein, or under the influence of any controlled substance unless as administered or prescribed by a Legally Qualified Physician;

10. the commission of or attempt to commit a felony or being engaged in an illegal occupation;
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Basically your answer to "How did this happen" should always be "I slipped on the sidewalk"....


I am assuming that each travel insurance company sets it's own exclusions and risks. In our case the exclusion was simply "skiing" and was not narrowed down to "extreme" or "out of bounds".

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Originally Posted by Jenny432


Does anyone have any recommendations?


I use Travel Guard. They, like most insurance companies, have many different levels of coverage. Make sure you read the fine print of the terms and conditions to figure out what coverage is included and excluded. For example if you are going backcountry skiing, make sure that type of activity is not excluded. Make sure you understand the requirements which need to be met in order to make a claim if necessary.


Travel Guard reimbursed me $3,000 for 2 lost ski days due to inclement weather conditions on a 7 day heli trip.

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another plug for   I usually end up with travelguard.  I look mainly for the worse case scenario incase I need airlift or something like that. 

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Thank you so much for all the replies! I really appreciate all of your advice. 


I was having a look online last night, and I ended up buying a policy with They have a special winter policy which I think has all the cover I need and for a really good price (I'll let you know if I need to claim!)


I live in the UK, so I don't think Travel Guard was an option for me :(


Thanks again everyone and wish me luck! 

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