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head series skis

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I currently ski a head rev 105.  It is basically the only ski I use (I abuse myself on tele skis to mix it up)  Many will probably disagree with me but I find the rev 105 a great one ski quiver for me; fairly small radius at 181cm (great for the narrow new england trails), soft enough for bumps and trees, but strong enough to be able to carve nice arcs.  They only time they suck is when it is icy. 


I am kicking around the idea of a carving ski.  It would be nice if it could play in the bumps a little, but the focus is to arc turns.  I think I am leaning towards the 13 meter radius skis.  The goal would be able to continue to carve a turn longer on some of the steeper sections on trails, where I would normally start to feel the need to dump speed with the rev 105.  I'm not skiing open bowls, so speed and moving gates (also known as people) become an issue.


The head  rally and the rev 75 seem like they would fit the ticket.  The rev 75 is much less expensive, so I am curious to hear what it gives up compared to the titan.  I am guessing the 75 lacks some lateral stiffness, but the same can be said for the rev 105.  I typically do not have an issue of the rev releasing on me ( I weigh 175 pounds).  I am also open to other ideas.  We have a demo day coming up, so I should have a chance to try a number of models.  




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Get the Rally. It's the tool for the job you want. There is a reason the Rev75 is much less expensive, it is much less of a ski and will not give you the hard snow performance you are looking for yet it will still be pretty good on the bumps. 

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