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Advice on new piste ski's

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Hi All 

I am a level two instructor about head off on my third full season (second working as an instructor). I have been skiing on a pair of Rossi Experience 88's for the last two seasons but as I'm starting to get serious about taking my level three I'm looking at getting a purely piste oriented performance ski. Since my knowledge of skis is somewhat limited am looking for some advice! I'm 6'4 and weigh around 95kg. 

I'm currently trying to decide between the Head i.Supershape Magnums, or the i.Supershape Speeds. I understand that the ski's have different turn radii and that the Speeds are thinner underfoot, but can't decide which would be best for me. If anyone could help me choose between the two ski's it would be much appreciated.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions of other skis that suite me better, please share those with me too! 

Thanks in advance for your help 


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seems like you are headed in the right direction, and I believe either ski would fit your intended purpose sam.  I generally shy away from head skis because they come with tyrolia bindings and tend to have a lot of ramp (eg the heel pieces tend to be 5 and 6 mm taller than the toe pieces).  according to my bio-stance analysis, at least in my current boots, a more moderate ramp of about 3 mm has me good and stacked on my skeleton in a neutral position. 


there are several factor impacting a person's ideal ramp starting with their boots.  if you're serious about pursuing Level III certification, it may warrant some consideration when purchasing a ski.  in fact, due to this ramp business, we are probably seeing less "system skis" than we have in the past ten years or so to allow for some customization for the individual skier.


lotsa fun equipment out there to ride, this year I'm giving the new Rossignol Hero ST ti a try (the non-fis version).



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Okay thanks for that Dave! I had never thought about ramp before so that's good to know.

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The head system bindings (PRD - 12) toe can be shimmed according to our local Head rep. Skied the Titan last season and didn't find the ramp angle with a 313 boot sole particularly problematic. Where are you located, Sam? East or Midwest?

(The Hero looks like a great ski! )
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I'm actually located in the UK at the moment Marko, but I'll be flying out to Japan in two weeks.

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Hokkaido or Honshu? For Hokkaido I'd do a Titan. For Honshu narrower.
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Hokkaido.. but iv already got the Rossi 88's plus a pow ski. Ill also be heading to NZ after Japan so need something thinner.

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Ah! Maybe a blizzard WRC should be on the list as well as the iSpeed or Magnum... And the Heros)

(The Titian is a different and much more powerful creature than the E88... A Rev 85 pro is a better comparison for the E88.)
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The main problem is that I'll have to buy the ski's in the UK, so wont actually get a chance to try before I buy.


What would you recommend out of those four and why?

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I replied to your reddit post but I'll add something else here. If you're going to Japan get a pair of ogasakas. An incredibly lovely hand made Japanese ski, and one of the best skinny carvers I've ever used. Makes an awesome souvenir wink.gif
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Ogasakas look great! Trying to read a bit more about them but everythings in Japanese aha. I had been advised against buying skis in Japan as they were much more expensive there but I assume the Ogasakas would be cheaper since their made in Japan?


If so it would be great because I could try them before I buy which I wouldn't have the option to do with the others..

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Here's some English info for you to glen over. I'd hope they're cheaper over there! I had to get my 3 pairs brought over from there, but I liked the skis so much I felt I deserved to splurge smile.gif

I have 2 pairs of the TC-SZ and one MZ , both excellent carving skis.
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They look very nice.. certainly something I'll have to consider and try once I'm out there!

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No, theyre very expensive there as well. They work well for lighter skiers, say less than 85 or so kg. Indeed, neautiful skis though.
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Yeah I noticed that they're wooden ski's and I'm pretty heavy so that could be an issue.. really leaning towards the iSpeeds at the moment!

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