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SNS-BC boots - X-ADV 6 vs 8?

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I'm debating between the Salomon X-adv 6 vs X-adv 8 boot to use on a madshus eon for out the back door touring in local ravines. (none of the NNN-BC boots available were comfortable unfortunately)


Anyone have any experience with them? I'm not finding a huge number of reviews online.


I realize no system boot will have the stiffness to power downhill turns, but a bit of rigidity wouldn't be bad for very short runs.


I tried both at a local store and found the X-adv 6 way more comfortable, but they didn't have the 8's in the exact same size available (could get it online though). Any major differences between the two besides the gaitor? If they're both fairly equivallent in terms of control, I'd just opt for the 6's given the known comfort and lower price.



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I have a pair of Xadv6, comfortable and better fit in the heel for me then the NNN alternatives. Still on the fence about having to replace bindings, thats not something i'm thrilled about doing.

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I've got the xadv8's.  Never tried the 6's.  Here's my assessment:



-comfortable and warm

-acceptable level of control given the boot/binding style, works really well with my 50mm skis on icy trails

-nice grippy sole if you need to hike somewhere

-nice tight heel pocket



-built in arch on footboard does not mesh well with many aftermarket insoles

-control is less than my old leather 3 pins and way less than a plastic Garmont Excursion. Edging my 60mm skis on ice starts to feel a  bit sketchy, but life is good on soft snow.  Wider skis on hard surfaces would be pushing the envelope of this boot.

-sizing is nuts.  I'm down 1.5 to 2 US sizes compared to what I would normally wear in other footwear.


Happy skiing!



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Thanks for the responses!

Think there's any big difference in downhill handling between the 6 and the 8? They look similar except the gator is higher on the 8 and the plastic cuffs looks different with a lock on the ankle in the 8 vs velcro on the 6.

I'm guessing they're basically the same?
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Not sure.  The high cuff on the 8 is visually thrilling but in practice it doesn't provide all that much support.  But I sure do feel stylish and modern strutting around with such a mean looking cuff!

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