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Atomic Panic and Theory

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So this year I'm buying new skis finally and was hoping to get a little input from someone who might help me.


Me:   6' 3 250.   Have skied from age 10, Advanced skier


Budget:  $300-500


Ski Style:   Fast GS turns on groomers, skiing the crud on the edge of the runs, some bumps, jumps and trees when I can find them.   I like getting myself into any interesting terrain I can actually find here in the mid-west


I ski mainly in the Midwest  and we out west once per year for 3-4 days as well.


My current ski's are 2010 K2 EXT twin tips  80mm under foot.  179 long.   I like these ski's but they sometimes fail me on steeper terrain when I push it really hard.  Great fun skis for going out with the kids.


What I'm looking for is something a little beefier that will handle crud better (my K2's are terrible in crud) have some float for mini powder days, and something I could take out to Big Sky next winter.  I'd also like a little longer ski for harder charging as well.


These ski's fit my budget perfectly. 



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I have the Theory (177?). I have a very similar style to you and ski the same area(s). I love them and have had the Theory for 3 seasons. My most used ski.

However, we are of different build. I'm 6'0, 160 on a good day. I bought the Theory because it's lightweight with a wooden core, doesn't take a lot to push around, and can really hold an edge. Works well for me locally and they've been out west with me every year. I have not used them in snow over 8 inches.

I usually ride those at Welch. If be happy to chat about them if i see you out there. You can spot me by the Tenacious D sticker on them.
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Bought a pair of Panics for my wife two years ago and ended up returning them so she could upgrade to a better ski.  They are OK for their price, but they are a cheaper ski and used in the rental fleet by our local shop. They are a price point ski aimed at economy minded skiers.  If you have narrowed your choice down to those two skis, for a guy your size I would definitely recommend going with the Theory, which I believe is more of a top line Atomic.

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