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Whitecap Mountain, Wisconsin

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Fun little "mountain",, the whole place looks like it belongs to another era ( as their ancient lifts prove)
Nevertheless, I will make this "mountain" my go to place for weekend outings. It is cheap, fun for young kids, cold and with plenty of snow. The latest storm deposited 50" . Great access to UP ski areas, snowmobiling on frozen lakes... and did I mention it is cold up there.
6 + hours to get there from Chicago is not that bad - it is only 4+ hours of "are we there yet?" evenly spaced every 5 minutes.

And check out their "homepage"

Love the skier on the right biggrin.gif

Opening Day on Black Friday.

4 hours from Minneapolis
5 hours Milwaukee
4 hours Green Bay
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This place intrigues me.  They seem some have some legitimate black diamond terrain on the south side that is very fun.


They have a groupon deal with now:   2 people, 2 days hotel, lift tickets, breakfast and a $50 dinner voucher for like $250.  Not sure how nice the hotel is.


200 miles from Minneapolis.   I'd like more than 400' of vert for that long of a drive though..

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Skied there as a kid... Don't recall anything pucker steep, but it was a fun hill. There was a lift that spanned two hills and no safety bar... Scared the crap out of me. Highest lift I remember from my misspent youth.
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Halfway to Bohemia?

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Halfway to Bohemia?

2/3 to Bohemia.
Short drive to Indianhead, Big Powderhorn and Blackjack.
Granite Peak is halfway between Chicago and Whitecap.
Somebody made a good point about Mt. Bohemia: their season pass goes on sale for $99 (Dec. 6th online only)Even if you do not use it, it is a good way to support small ski operation in the middle of nowhere that is getting national attention for good snow and fun terrain. Every year I pledge to make it there and somehow end up far away from Mt. Bohemia.
Last year northern WI and UP had massive snowfalls, this year they seem to be on target to repeat. But down side is that too often it gets very cold and as much as it sounds good planning a trip to Mt. Bohemia, deep sub zero temperatures will quickly dissuade me from doing so.
6 hours seem more doable, at least it seems so on this November evening.
However, I did ski at Whitecap and the hill layout provides much more fun and interesting skiing than 400' vertical would suggest. They even have "peak to peak" chair as mentioned earlier.
Hotel/lodge seem bit old, we rented a nice house in the woods (VRBO), frozen lake in front, snowmobiling, cross country skiing. Very nice and fresh air and quite a few sightings of bald eagles.
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This video sure makes it look fun and the layout look interesting.  Love the fact that they let you ski just about everything instead of roping off all the good stuff.   That's what 200" of snow will allow you to do though...

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I'm a big fan of Whitecap.  The above video gives a pretty good feel for the place.  Whitecap's strengths are:

  • Natural feel: winding runs, limited lifts, multiple mountains, little development
  • Good mix of all types of runs
  • Low costs
  • 2nd best steep runs in the Midwest (behind only Bohemia)
  • 200" of snow is 2 to 4 times as much as most Midwest ski areas.


I don't want to oversell it either: the runs are short and the infrastructure is "rustic." 


Overall, Whitecap is a lot of fun.  You can also ski the other ironwood areas on the same trip very easily.


I also copied my below comments on the best Midwest ski areas for reference.  I've skied nearly all of these.



Top destinations in the Midwest:


1st tier (no particular order)


Mt Bohemia, MI – only area with western feel.  280” of snow, 900’ vert, steep sections, cliff bands, no grooming.  Bumps and glades.


Ironwood, MI (6 ski areas nearby) – 200” of snow, 600’ vert.  Mostly groomer skiing, low skier volume means powder can last all day, low costs


Lutsen, MN – 800’ vert, ok snow (120”), 4 connected mountains, mostly groomer skiing, some glades, one high speed lift


Petoskey, MI (aka Boyne/nubs, 3 ski areas) – 140” of snow, 550’ vertical.  Big: 1200 acres, mostly groomer skiing, some bumps and a few glades.  Two high speed lifts.  Extensive infrastructure (modern lodging, indoor waterpark, etc.)


*Terry Peak/Mystic, SD too if you consider it Midwest (near WY boarder)


2nd tier (no particular order)

Granite peak, WI (arguably 1st tier, but it’s has a super long run out and has too little snow in my book)

Mt Marquette, MI

Mt Ripley, MI

Crystal / Caberfae / Shanty, MI (somewhat close to Petoskey)

Devils Head/Cascade, WI

Chestnut, IL / Sundown, IA

Spirit, MN

Giants Ridge, MN


Probably close to 100 more in the 3rd tier.

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Sure seems like a 2-3 night trip up there would be worth it simply because the drive isn't that long, the snow is excellent and there are 4-5 ski areas in a small area, some of which even offer combined tickets and shuttles back and forth.

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