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Great training video.

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This vid is as good as it gets as far as building the fundamentals of solid technique.

I'll be interested in what some of Epic's technique mavens think of the advice.

I think everything in the vid is right on but some instructors may disagree with the advice.

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your link took me to a site that wanted me to register.  If sharing the video is a goal it might be a good idea to move it to a different hosting site like Vimeo or Youtube.

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Interesting, it allowed me to watch it without signing in yesterday but not today.

It is a USST vid on slalom training.

The vid was posted to Facebook by an Austrian friend and when I click on it with FB open it plays fine.

The URL of the player is correct.

Actually, it just played fine when I pasted that link into IE but not when I click on the link.

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I can't sign in either.  Dartfish might be slow for new users right now.

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Nor can I (sign in). Looking forward to seeing the video when things start working right!


Best regards,


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I have a Dartfish account through the USSA and cannot access it either.



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