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There is a third slide missing from the original post called wisdom. It consists of just two dots.

A variation on the old saying a smart man sets out to change the world, but a wise man sets out to change himself.

Cod philosophy 101.
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Originally Posted by justanotherskipro View Post

Connecting the lines not the dots is hardly less complex. Only two dots are connected with a single line. The rest take two lines intersecting to indirectly connect the dots.

It's just a metaphor.

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mustski, I liked your post, didn't feel like arguing - sorry if you thought I was talking about you!
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I think he was talking about me, Met. smile.gif Nothing to argue about. It's a cool little graphic. Some want to be cooler ( not you SMJ) . I'd rather just go ski at this point. smile.gif
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Actually wasn't really talking about you either Mark.   :)

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Can I belabor things a bit?
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"Belabor"  overelaborate, labor, dwell onharp on abouthammer away at; overdooverplayoverdramatizemake too much of, place too much emphasis on; informal beat to deathdrag outmake a big thing ofblow out of proportion.  ANTONYMS  understate.



We should register  

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How many ski instructors does it take to screw in a lightbulb? They don't. They used to to screw in old vans by the river, but now they worry way too much about 'technique' and disease to bother.
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Originally Posted by LiquidFeet View Post

Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana.

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Sorry, but patterns want to be free...

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Got butterflies in the stomach?

Goal:  get them to fly in the same direction.

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