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This is a brag about someone else, not me.
When I was a ski instructor I had a legally blind ski student four Saturdays in a row for lessons, she had advanced glaucoma and could see light and dark but could not focus. At first we skied a open flat area and she followed me by seeing my shape, and by me telling her what to do. I was able to teach her how to feel her feet, stay balanced, and to know the snow shapes and colors. We progressed to more difficult runs as she got better and more confident. By the third week she said she was skiing better than when she had sight. By the fourth week we were going down expert runs (most difficult) through moguls (big bumps) and she was linking her turns top to bottom non-stop.
Deloris had a blind skier bib on and she was going down difficult steep trails like she owned them. There were guys struggling to get down the runs stopped and standing by the sides, and every time she would pass them they would say "no way that girl is blind". I will never forget the smile on her face when she heard this, or the look on the guy's faces when a blind girl showed them up by out skiing them. She was an amazing student, one of the few I will never forget. I have had friends and known people with handy caps that do amazing things when others may have given up, the courage and perseverance of these people is an inspiration.