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New: EpicSki Tribe - You're Invited to Join

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EpicSki Tribe

I'm not sure how many of you have been following the new generation "social software", but I just found an advanced application of it called Tribe.net. I think this is a great idea, and I hope it succeeds.

Basically, social software is web-based software that enables interactive communities (like EpicSki). This new one, Tribe.net, is much broader in scope. It uses the "six degrees of separation" concept to help you form a very large network through friends of friends. It's like Friendster.com, but not at all focused on dating. Instead, it is about social and professional networks of all kinds. The exponential growth of your network through a very small number of friends is very interesting. With a small number of friends you can have a network in the thousands -- all only 3 or 4 degrees away from you.

The software is setup so you can see profiles of all these people in your network, and make "listings" that appear to all those in your specific network (listings for job searches, items wanted or for sale, advice requested, dentist recommendations, or anything else). On top of that there are clubs called "tribes". Many tribes are public, some are private requiring approval to join. They range from alumni clubs for schools, clubs defined by hobbies/interests, professional clubs, company groups, or anything you can think of. All of these tribes have discussion areas and member listings (with profiles), plus announcement areas, photo collections, etc... You can always start a new tribe if there is not one for what you are looking for. And every time you interact with someone (either through listings or clubs) you know how you are connected to them through friends of friends.

I am impressed with the design and implementation of this concept. You have full control over who becomes your "friend" in the Tribe.net software -- you have to approve anyone who requests becoming your "friend". The service is free, and it only takes 2 seconds to sign up. Tribe.net's policy is to "never sell, trade or exchange your email address with anyone". I have no connection to the people who are launching this, but I would bet it will be a very big deal very soon.

I also think EpicSki may be able to use it to strengthen and grow our community. We started an EpicSki.com tribe (club) within Tribe.net so that we can see how we are interconnected to each other through friends of friends (including new friends we have made here at EpicSki).

Try It Out: EpicSki Tribe (click here) . There are almost certainly more tribes in topics you are interested in, or schiool alumni groups, or whatever.
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To clarify: Obviously this isn't a replacement for EpicSki. It's a perk for being in the EpicSki community.

Here's the Point:
1. Tribe.net has the potential (as it grows) to be extremely valuable -- and it is more valuable if you have a big network (of friends, and friends of friends). By going in together (leveraging our relationships in the EpicSki community), we each get much more out of Tribe.net. You can benefit from freinds-of-friends in Tribe.net just as you can in any social or professional context. The difference is here you can more easily identify that network.

2. This helps us to discover friend-of-friend relationships with people we meet within EpicSki that we did not previously know about. Therefore, it tightens links within our own community. Say you meet someone new in EpicSki, and you both have a mutual friend but neither of you knows it. This will identify that link.

3. Tribe.net has been online in Beta mode for only one and a half months and already has tens of thousands of members. Friendster.com, a dating focused version of this concept is much less useful/functional but in six months grew to 1.5 million users. There is no broad skiing community in Tribe.net yet. Having a presence there provides an opportunity for many skiers to discover EpicSki.com who would not have found us otherwise.

But for this to be beneficial to you personally, you need to link with "friends" directly. Everyone is welcome to link to me (AC) as a "friend" (a formal term meaning a direct link in the system), as well as others you hove some relationship with in the EpicSki community. That's when the Tribe network becomes really valuable. So start linking to your friends.

For more on the general concept, I recommend an interesting book on how networks function called The Tipping Point (click)
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