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Lifters for U16 racers

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I would really like the boot experts advice. My 15 yr old son (just about 6' tall 150lbs, size 11 shoes typically) needed new race boots. Was in Head Raptor 90 last year. Local shop in Maine fit him with Lange RS110 SC last year in 28.5 which he found too big and continued with the Heads for the rest of last season. Just drove 10 hrs to see PJ Dewey in Vermont and he was fit into Atomic Redster WC 110 size 27.5 Little bit of work done on top of toe area on right. Just before we left, he suggested he could install lifters to give more power and edge grip. Sounded good so we went for it. Skied yesterday at Sunday River and he found they worked great on his twin tips, however he had to stop early due to pain (new boots, first time out, heavy artificial snow, lots of jumps likely all contributed?). Now, having thought about it, starting to have second thoughts about the lifters. My two questions/concerns are:

- he is a good, but not often on the podium, u16 racer. Will the lifters help him, or could they be a hindrance in events like slalom? (ie. are they only for aggressive top level athletes?)

- does the sizing sound reasonable (pain due to more than just boot fit?)?
I cannot get back to Vermont, but if necessary I will take him somewhere local for a backup pair (or maybe just keep the Langes).

I would so much appreciate any opinions about this.
Thank You!
PS. His feet are around 285 cm or a bit less and if it matters, he is a little knock kneed.
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sizing sounds perfect for a 15 year old jr racer. at that age for boys it is typical to go down in size from where they were as a u14. this is the age where the weight and strength combined with the speeds and skill development come into play to pound and compress the liner of the boots. if you start with a race boot at the measured mondopoint size, by the time he has trained for 2 weeks the boot will be too big, and fit and balance problems will develop due to the foot moving around, not from the boot being too small.


any boot fitter with stretching and or grinding tools should be able to give him some relief at the toe. but before you make that move, make sure that he is buckling the boots tight enough to hold the heel down and back in the boot, and perhaps he should hold off on the park or pipe until he has the boots broken in.


there is no downside to the boot lifters for ski racing. the lift provides leverage and quickness edge to edge. are you thinking that you do not want him have every possible advantage when competing?



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Thanks so much Jim. I definitely want him to have every advantage. PJ was terrific and I don't doubt his recommendation at all, I was just worried (after the fact) that he might have to "relearn" movements a bit, and thought I read somewhere that edge to edge quickness might actually diminish slightly. Glad to have your opinion on this. .

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