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110 or 130 flex?

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Hi guys,

Recently went to get boots fitted and narrowed it down to two pairs, the salomon quest pro 110 and salomon quest pro 130, which although meant for larger feet and mine are quite small, come up quite long allowing me to size down. 


Basically I'm wondering which flex to go for. 

The boot fitter suggested the 110 but just wanted to make certain i choose the right one.


Bit about me-

70 kg

5 10"

75:25  off piste: piste

Fairly good skier- ski all piste no problem, majority of off piste, probably say im about 8/10

In terms of how aggressive a skier i am i'd say 7/10 


Would you say he is right suggesting the 110 or would you say go stiffer?

Any other information that would help you advise please ask


Thanks and any help is much appreciated!

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110 should be fine, but if you are not sure, go stiffer,   a boot fitter can make them softer as needed


what did you boot fitter think of the 110 flex on you?    What did YOU think?

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