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Lower leg pain

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I have during the past three seasons (or more) been having problem with pain in my left lower leg. when I have been skiing for ~2 days, I start to feel pain. 
It is mostly my left leg :S, It is really painful when I am leaning back in my boots (backseat landing etc) or applying pressure to this area: 


It's on the outside of my leg. new boots did not help (krypton pro) Sad 

I am skinny with skinny legs (125lbs ~56kg 170cm), but my boots fits good.... 

If i rest for 2 weeks it gets better, but it comes back as quick. 

if it's really bad I have a hard time walking for a day or two...
Thanks! Smile

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May be pressure on the muscles or the nerves being compromised- have you been checked out?
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