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FS: Too good to sit idle, DobremannGSR, AtomicLT12, Dynastar, Hart F17

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The following needs to go to good homes. All in pristine condition, descriptions are accurate.


Nearly new, razor sharp, ready to rip 2010 Nordica Dobermann GSR with race plates 181cm, 23m radius, Marker Titanium 12 (I will switch to Marker Comp 14 if you want)

Bases: perfect 10

Tops: solid 9

These need to get on snow and I won't use them. $200




Atomic LT12 176cm,  17m radius, Atomic Neox 12 bindings

Bases: 10


These have been skied 3 days since last and only grind. Great skis, I just have others I enjoy more. $box of hand warmers? make me an offer. too good to sit idle.


Dynastar Speed Course 64 184cm, 21.5m radius, Look pivot 14 bindings


Tops: 10

These have been skied 1 day! Again, I don't need so many frontside skis. $ make an offer


Rossignol Dualtec 205cm Downhill skis, m radius, with race plates, no bindings, Storage waxed, scrape and go. I'm not a rossi guy.

Bases: appear to be perfect thru storage wax

Tops: 10

$ goggle de-fogger? Make me an offer


Finally, Hart F17 195cm, NOS Mogul skis, 1999 Snow Country Best. One of you retro or freestyle guys must want these. I don't know if they are the best, but the info attached to them says they are :rolleyes


I will also entertain trades, top priority is a new/used pair of skis for my wife, intermediate in the 150-155cm range in good condition with bindings. You can try me with anything though.


More pictures available upon request.

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Those F17s aren't "h"art USA, they are "H"art Japan I believe.  I have a pair of them that I got with bindings for a song a couple hears ago.  They skied OK all in all though, but I doubt they are as solid as a pair if hart USA F-17s.  Mine are now retired to the back fence.  I do recommend that someone pick up these virgins and take them out in some slush bumps for retro day though.  Just don't think they're worth cra cra money though..

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ANY offers accepted. A 12 pack of Bud and shipping cost (better yet, live in New England and we can meet somewhere) will take the dynastar's, rossi's and harts. smile.gif. Yes they are "H"arts.
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Hi Lowell, where are you located. I'll be in NY and VT in early Dec, I'm interested.
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I am in Boston, I am willing to ship, probably not too much to VT.

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Whats the shipping cost for the dynastar's, rossi's and harts to St. Paul, MN?  It may be sacrilege, but I'd be turning the old Rossis/Harts into shot skis or a coat rack. 

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Really? No one wants the dobermanns? They are truly a 9.9 out of 10. Shoot me an offer.
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I would but to much of a ski for my son at this point.



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Update: all are gone except the Hart F17. However I am adding a pair of hart javelin ti 198cm RE-ISSUE. New in plastic. Offers?
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Thanks for the 64's.  I cleaned them up, de-rusted the edges and gave them a tune-up...did you store them in the back yard?  ;)


I've had them out 3 times now and had that "new ski" experience for the price of a tune.  What a great pair of skis.  They are not the last word in edge hold compared to newer options but they are fast, stable, smooth, predictable and hold a decent arc.  Love the 21.5 radius better than the usual 16-18 on most modern "cheaters" I've tried.  Also unlike modern race skis, they work well with new technique and old.  Relaxing on them is an option too, unlike newer race models that protest.  They are decent off piste and in bumps as long as you stay forward (firm tails).  I've had two pair of MX78's in 176cm length and I find these near-vintage 184's to be better and easier to ski in everything I've tried them in.


The bases are not perfectly flat (probably from the factory) so I may double my investment and get a good grind and tune at some point. 


I have a feeling these will make good crud skis too, time will tell.


Thinking I'd just try them as inexpensive rock skis and I ended up with a real addition to the quiver.  It would have been a shame to turn these into a chair of fence, thanks for sparing them.  I'm wondering if the pre-FIS radius rule GS skis were on to something. 


Someone should give his F17s a go.

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