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I am looking for a new pair of boots and there are no shops that carry Head ski boots in my area. I have been thinking about new boots and have a new pair of 180 Bonifides that need to be mounted. So before I mount them I would like to have new boots so I do not have to remount later. So here are the facts.


Male mid 50's

5'11" 190

shoe size 9.5 medium and fairly normal foot with no real issues

advanced skier, like off piste and to turn 'em loose on the groomers once in a while. I do not race.



Current boots are Head World Cup RS100

26.5 307mm

flex index is 10.1 9.1

custom system n 100 fcs (100 mm wide ?)


I have had a little work done on these boots and hand to have the toes bunched out. I have really enjoyed these boots, they ski great. I like the lateral stiffness but would not want anything with a stiffer forward flex.


So I have been looking at the Head Vector 115 or Challenger 110, 120. Leaning towards the Challenger 110.


Does anyone know the sole length of the Challenger 110 for the 26.5 and 27 boots? Thoughts on how the stiffness of the 110 would compare to my WC RS100's. Any other thoughts?

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The Challenger and Vector are good boots, but very different in shape from the RS 100.  Getting the right boot is a process where there is no substitution for trying on the boots that are close to your foot chase and doing a process of elimination until you settle on a great fit.  

I would suggest doing that and getting those lovely Bonafides mounted after you settle on a boot.


Bob G  BootDoctors- Telluride

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