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Advanced Women's Skis

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My girlfriend's an advanced skier, 5-7, 150 - comfortable on blues and blacks, nervous on double blacks. She avoids the bumps, but loves to carve up the groomers and heads for the powder when it's out there. Unfortunately, since we generally ski in the Northeast there usually isn't all that much of it.

She's looking to buy a women's ski and could use a little help. She's had good experiences with K2 in the past, and right now she's leaning toward the K2 T:Nine Spire. But she's also thinking about the Volkl Energy 420 Gamma and the K2 T:Nine X. Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Word has it that the Spire is a lot of ski. Also, I think it has a skinnier waist than the others. More of a hardpack ski.
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Partial to Volkl. The 5 star - a lot of ski yet easy to ski for that much performance. Not bad in powder - go short!

Downgrade to 4 star - up grade to six star.
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Check out the Rossi B1 or 2 for ladies. Very good all mountian ski.

Rossi has a very good line up for women.
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Rossi's womens lineup didn't do much for me. I'd look at Volkl or K2. And while it's a good idea to try them out, she shouldn't feel limited to women's skis.
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Volkl, that is one of the skis you most see in the northeast. There is a reason for that. Have her demo the AX3 Gamma, or the 420, buy it flat with the piston binding.

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Hey, thanks for all the great feedback. The test is this weekend: Volkl AX3 Gamma v. Rossi B1W. The guy at the shop pretty much insisted that she try the Rossi after talking to her. Personally I'm a Volkl guy, but we'll see what happens. We'll post a review when we get back.
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