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My hope was to get that audience to see the change in stance required to go from skidding to carving and I think the clip shows that pretty well..-Jessintr
Stating it like that is much better if your audience is intermediate skiers. The force field theories need cleaning up or elimination for your intended audience. Here were nut jobs and don't mind debating such things.
So here's what I think I should do. My inclination is to build some confidence going backward by practicing my fore/aft balance with backward sideslips on both sides and controlled straight sideslips, and progressing to falling leaf in both directions, with a focus on stance and symmetry.

Once I have a good sense of how to control my direction by shifting my weight fore and aft while maintaining a good stance, 360s and pivot slips should be perfectly attainable.

Also practice going backwards by going backwards. Do it without leaning towards your tips. See if you can get some parallel backwards time even if brief. Ideally you get a little backwards parallel where your not panicked, are basically perpendicular to surface, maybe even relaxed. You can stop in a V or turn uphill - to side since it's almost Flat.

We're talking flat here, not switch Nastar.

There's multiple ways to do falling leaf. You can lean toards tips then tails, push feet ahead then pull back, or pretty much stay in middle and steer tips uphill and down. Play with all but get the sliding going and don't worry too much about how. Get the sliding fore than aft like a leaf falling from tree.
In some part of the leaf sliding, try to get as far towards your tails as possible for you. Usually this is the point wher tips are uphill and you start the backwards slide. Don't stay aft but feel the start of it. This is much easier to show. Above all, don't get yourself panicked. Reduce the terrain or what you're doing Uncomfortable, mildly concerned is ok.

Get good at falling leaf and it's actually relaxing. It's fun to start the backslide with your feet a little above you up the hill.

Fun variation is to get to the end of a slide. Say tips facing up lookers left of your trail Then instead of sliding backwards you pivot the skis so they now face the other way- lookers right, and slide that way. Usually you slid back a little, then pivot tips downhill and face the other way.
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Start simple, 5 ft one side 5 ft the other side, slip stop, slip stop, sliiiipppp stop. go ski the run. Keep repeating until you get bored and then start adding variation such as the falling leaf. What you learn is edges and edge control. This is side to side control. The rest of the drills are starting to add front to back balance while combining it to further your overall feel.

The more you practice the easier it gets, it's sort of like learning to walk, impossible to do until you do it and then you can not understand what was so hard.

Remember easy slopes, start with the simplest drills master them, then move on, too much, too fast, too hard can make it seem impossible.

Have fun.
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