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Salomon CS System - Finally!

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Master boot fitter dropped me down 2 sizes a few years ago and fitted me perfectly w/ some Impact Pros. With some home tweaking, It has been bliss. Those are wearing and my feet are super hard to fit. Cuff alignment set at the extreme on both boots. Canting also done on inside back of heel....footbeds etc......... just to give an idea of how hard it is for me to stand flat in boots. 4 hours of work w/ boot fitter in summer of 2009, to get my initial set up.


I'm standing here comparing my right foot to my left in my new Salomon Impact 120 CS (Custom Shell). You see my right foot fit perfect in the boot. Or so I thought. I just heat molded the custom shell of my left foot bec it had "Issues". Salomon has nailed it........... I can't believe how comfortable and tight I can get this boot w/ ZERO pressure spots. I just heat molded the shell in boiling water as per Solly instructions. Had already done my footbds, canting, cuff alignment, etc............ Just boiled the Kaprolene and BAM........ it fits like a glove. Changed my mind and now heating water to do my right foot. Easy Peasy!


This tech is a total game changer for those of us w/ abnormal leg alignment, bow legs, knock knees, etc........... Don't let the initial fit discourage you. A good boot fitter can get you in to the proper shell size, after that it's a no brainer and best of all you can tweak it at home if you have basic "skills". Take your time, read instructions, do research on canting and alignment and most of all start w/ a good boot fitter who has dedicated time for you. They will get you in the ball park and explain how your legs are shaped and how to get your boots flat on your ski. You can do the rest.

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Changes made to instructions from Salomon. Shell in boiling water I went 15 min, 6 min in boot, 4 min cool in room temp water, then 4 min w/ cold packs. I also used thicker ski socks than my normal super thin ski sock. According to Sal, the kaprolene will shrink back a minute, negligible amount but nowhere near as much as normal PU.

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I want to make sure I am reading this correctly.  There is a five degree shim under my right ski binding to get the ski flat on the snow.


Are you saying that molding this boot or using built in adjustments  will allow me to eliminate the binding shim and have my ski flat on the snow?


That would be very nice.

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Rather than shim under binding, my boot fitter used the removable rubber heel plates on my Impact Pros to achieve proper cant. He simply placed washers of varying sizes around the screws that attach my heel plate to my boot. These plain metal washers provided enough cant w/o interfering w/ the binding interface. That's the important point. In order to do this you have to be able to avoid interfering w/ your binding interface.  At 5 degrees you would need to do a binding check w/ your fitter or shop.

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Also this thread is in reference to the older CS system w/ the kaprolene on the medial and lateral sides of the boot. NOT the newer design like the xpro or xmax. I haven't read up on the consequences of placing that entire boot in boiling water. W/ the older cs system you only place the lower 1/4 - 1/3 of the boot in the boiling water. + the water is boiling hot when I place the boot in but NOT on the stove. I pour the water into a lg container in the sink and then insert boot sans liner.


Right boot now Perfect! Much better fit than before. Success. This system works. Salomon hit it out of the park w/ this tech.

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