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Ski Recommendation [6'6", getting back into skiing recently]

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  1. Where in the world are you skiing? Hauser-Kaibling, Austria (7 Days in January), Beaver Creek, Canyons, Maybe some East Coast (Maryland) days for tune up.

  2. What kinds of terrain do you prefer? All Mountain, mostly on piste, some off-piste

  3. How many days a year do you ski? 20-25

  4. How advanced are you as a skier? Advanced intermediate, just recently back to the sport after several years off, stick to mostly black diamond, blues late in the day or when legs need a break. ​Last year skied Rossignol Soul 7 rentals but I think they were way to short for the powder at Vail Super Bowl Weekend, they were 180's.

  5. What's your height and weight? 6'6", 295LBs


I have gotten back into the sport the past two seasons, just purchased a pair of Atomic Hawx 2.0 130's.  Locals Ski shop has a pair of 2014 Blizzard Cochise they are trying to unload at a pretty good price.  My experience is telling me I should buy skis as rentals often don't have big enough boards for my size, but I ski a variety of conditions and can't buy 3 pairs.


Any advice or suggestions for boards and bindings would be greatly appreciated, I'm not the average size skier and can generate a large amount of force on my equipment.


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How long are the Cochise's ? I hope the longest they come in.


Have you taken a lesson lately ?

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Sorry, forgot to mention, the Cochise they have are 193's. No lessons lately, but one the leader of the Austria trip is an instructor and former pro who grew up in the town we are going to.
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Originally Posted by FatWakeboarder View Post

Sorry, forgot to mention, the Cochise they have are 193's. .

I have been on the Cochise as a daily driver for 130+ days so know the ski very well. My difficulty is that I can't put myself in your (enormous) shoes. However, short of having a ski custom built, I think the 193 Cochise would be an excellent option.

2 1/2 sheets of metal, sidewall construction, Flipcore and made in Austria add up to a burly ski that will still slarve and turn on a dime if you pivot. Probably the reason they are on sale is that most mortals can't handle them but they must have been built with you in mind.   

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Thanks for the advice, any thoughts on bindings for a skier of my size?
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190cm Salomon QLab mounted with Look Pivot 14.

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Sorry, a 2014 193cm Cochise is a BAD choice for an "advanced intermediate skier, just recently back to the sport" who is looking for one pair of skis for all-mountain skiing. Bad, bad, bad... bad.


You want something a little mellower with more sidecut and probably a centimeter narrower.

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I would usually agree with Whiteroom's above statement, but the OP is built like a linemen's nightmare: 6'6", 295lbs. I suggested the QLab because he is a large enough man to casually flex those stout tails, and it's comes in a 190cm length…..not psyched about the 109mm width though. 

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To further explain, I stopped skiing for years to protect my knees for Football.  At this point in my life, I'm back to sports like skiing because I love them and I don't have to be concerned about a career ending injury from a sport I participate in for fun.  Now I wakeboard all summer, and ski as much as I can in the winter.  I still have the strength to put a lot of force into skis and boots, leg strength is not the issue.


I'd continue to rent until I figured out the right set up, but consistently rentals seem to be undersized.  For example, the Rossi Soul 7's I skied last year at Vail in 3 feet of fresh powder were 180's.  The Rossignol website recommends those skis for skiers between 150 and 179 lbs.  I find it hard to believe that my technique doesn't suffer from being on undersized equipment.  I could wakeboard on my son's wakeboard designed for people up to 125lbs, but it wouldn't be any fun and I'd be working much harder then I need to.


I'm less concerned about ski width then I am length, but I know it's a fine line to have ski's that can still work through bumps.  I'm just not tied in well enough to the technology to know what the correct answer is.  A couple of years ago a rental shop put my on narrow waisted 170's and explained that the technology had changed so much they were great skis for me.  Needless to say, I've never been back to that shop.


On what most consider were epic conditions at Vail last year on Thursday and Friday before the Super Bowl at Vail, I was on 180cm skis in 80 flex boots.  The boots were to soft, the skis were to short, and yet I still spent most of my time in Blue Sky and  the Back Bowls without incident.  I ski a pretty aggressive line, I was taught from day 1 to keep my shoulders square to the fall line and still do so, but I don't jump off cliffs, and I grew up skiing steep ice in the East.


I appreciate the responses and advice.

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I think the Cochise is a fine ski for an advanced intermediate skier who used to be an athlete, particularly given his size.  It's a great, stout ski that does many things well.  I've owned a pair in both the 193 and 186 (not at the same time) since they've come out a few years ago. 

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