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Hey gang, I've been thinking of going wider and a little shorter than my 180cm Head Rock 'n Rolls, and after hearing some reviews, I'm pretty curious about the Blizzard Gunsmoke and Peacemaker.


Anyone get a chance to do some on-snow testing and compare the two?


Me: 180 lbs (will be 175 by the time the season hits), mostly ski CO, UT, CA, prefer soft snow and fresh stuff, all-mountain skiing, some on- and some off-trail. (Will also be doing a little bit of park stuff with my son, but that's a minority of the time.)


The Head Rock 'n Roll is a great ski, and I've had tremendous fun on them. At this point, I'm still looking to be a one-ski-quiver guy, and just want more flotation in powder, and I wouldn't mind taking a tiny bit of length off, so 172 to 179 in the Blizzards would be in the range. I originally demo'd the Rock 'n Roll in a 173 (because it's all the shop had that day), and had an amazing amount of fun. Super easy, light and quick, but stable as well. I want to try to duplicate that feeling, but add some width for more flotation in pow.


Thanks for input if you've tried the new Blizzards. 





P.S. Also looking into the 4FRNT YLE and Devastator for comparison. 

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