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XC/BC Ski Steel Edge Tuning

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I have a few pairs of XC/BC skis with steel edges I'm going to be cleaning up a bit over the next few weeks. Most of the skiing I anticipate doing with them will be in rolling (low angle) forest with softer snow, but I could run into firmer stuff here and there. No resort skiing, no serious/big downhill stuff. Not in the near term, anyway.  ;-)


I usually tune my alpine skis with a 1 degree base edge and 2 or 3 degree side edge, depending on the ski. Curious what angles you experienced folk typically use for your own steel-edged XC/BC skis, if you detune tip and tail,if so how much, etc?


TIA for any feedback.

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Alpina Cross Terrains and Atomic Rainiers get 2 degree side bevel, no detuning.



Everything else I have  is much, much straighter and narrower than that.  


0/0 and detune - which is 15cm back from tip contact point on the 215cm skis.  


If that sounds just like what we did on alpine gear  in the 80s and 90s, yep. 

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Thx!    Thumbs Up

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Agree with the 0/0.  Some XC skis have the edges flush with sidewalls, which makes sharpening difficult, and you won't get same results as alpine skis.  Still use 0/0 even on them, though as much for deburring as sharpening.  Prior suggestion was detune 15cm back, but that's for 215s --- I'd start without detuning, or at most 5 cm, and see how you like it.  I suspect less detuning is needed for XC skis because they aren't as torsionally stiff, but I don't have any data to back that up.

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