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Arrrr! What a scruvy lot.

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Aye mateys, me be ashamed to know a group of scallywags like ye. Tis International Talk Like A Pirate Day (not to be confused with Talk Like An Aussie Day) & ye all deserve to hung from the yardarms for not observing it.
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AVAST portion of my day is spent walking the plank.
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As a card carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union, I have to condemn the flippant use of pirate jargon on this site. Today's pirates face unimaginable prejudice based on the myths and folklore that stems from certain notorious pirates that lived many decades ago. While the Modern Pirate still enjoys a good plunder and pillage here and there, we should be reaching out to them rather then ridiculing them. We are currently suing East Carolina University and the Pittsburgh Pirates in an effort to have their names changed to something more acceptable -- you know, Redskins or something like that. I'm urging all of you to please cease and desist from torturing these people with your continued slurs and allow them to go out and torture others in peace and with their hook held high.

Sincerely, Mr. Edward Teach, Jr. PhD.
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Yar! Perhaps ye'd prefer t'call us "Privateers" then.
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Privateer too gran' a title for ye landlubbers. Bilge rat me call you.
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Aye, shiver me timbers, Skidmo, ye scurvy dog! Such a scoundrel never there was! Off with ye, now, and away!
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Arrrr! On acountin' of a scurvy empty roll in the blasted public head, I is 'arboring a mighty itch on me poopdeck. 'Tis be'er'en
dropping anchor in the britches, matey!
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Ye'd be best ta swab that deck, matey. Clear out the flostam an jetsam, me boy.
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pirate snow n

haaaaaard, frozen, packed old snow.

Arrrrrrrrr, could use a good dump of fresh and a swig of that rum, matey.
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Anyone seen Deadeye Dick?

[ September 20, 2003, 06:27 PM: Message edited by: Bonni ]
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I'll keelhaul ye and then feed ye to the sharks!

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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
I'll keelhaul ye and then feed ye to the sharks!

It just goes to show - you can take the man out of the law firm, but you can't take the lawyer out of the man...

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