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Skier weight vs skis [moved to SLC, over 50 intermediate]

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I see a lot of consideration given to skier weight. I'm 5'9", 145 pounds, and an intermediate skier. I skied in my 20's a few times and just moved to Salt Lake (now in my 50's), and skied maybe 20-25 times last year, and plan on more this year. I picked up some demo skis, Volkl Ledge in 162 length ... and really enjoyed them. I'm planning to buy some ski-swap used skis this year. They will probably be the last set of skis I buy without demo'ing skis. But I'll keep my old skis as a backup plan.


A lot of the comments are about the ski stiffness related to big men ... and I am a small man. I'm just going to buy some ski's in the size range 163-176 (my height is 175). I've read enough reviews to consider these:

Rossignol Experience 88

Blizzard Bushwacker

Blizzard Brahma

Nordica Steadfast

Kastle MX88

Atomic Theory

Nordica Hell and Back


Any thoughts on the stiffness relative to my weight? Should I just grab the tips and bend a bit to check for flex. I can calibrate a bit by bending my current skis.


I skied a few moguls in my 20's and only tried a single mogul filled run ... led by my daughter. It was too much for me as I had to fight to go 10 feet forward and then stop, and then another few bumps. I LOOOVE powder days, but I spend my time on defined runs, and I like groomed corduroy. I love speed, but my max (using SkiTrax) was usually high 40's in mph. There are some runs I know and enjoy just blasting right down the fastest line. The back on the lift and do it again.


This is an open ended topic ... feel free to recommend anything. But I do wonder whether the reviews are written by 180 pound skiers, who might call a ski floppy, but I would think it was decently stiff. Or complain they were sinking in powder while I might be surface skimming. I'm looking for the one ski that will be adequate for a lot of things. I know that eventually I'll have a few skis, including a powder ski, so if I leaned in one direction, it would be towards the groomer side, with the idea that I might next get a powder ski. The Ledge's I have are about 82 in the waist and I lean to around 90-ish as a compromise to powder. I found the Ledge's to be acceptable in powder.

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I just found the topic:

Blizzard 2013 lineup reviews/overviews

and was glancing thru it. I loved this line:

"Austrians always assume everyone who buys their skis is 6 foot 2, 225lbs and used to race Europa Cup"


But it opened up the Blizzard Kabookie as another possible choice.

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Originally Posted by Votingmachine View Post


and was glancing thru it. I loved this line:

"Austrians always assume everyone who buys their skis is 6 foot 2, 225lbs and used to race Europa Cup"



and that's just the women's models...

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Check out Line Sick Day 95 - light, quick, versatile, no metal

The problem is you are unlikely to find them at a ski swap. 

Be sure to look in Epic's Gear Swap forum. A quick look tells me lots of Experience 88s and others on your list.

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+1 for the bushwacker.

I'm 5'8" 150 int/adv. I've only skied about 6 total skis and no others you suggested but I really like the BW.

I ski mainly steep groomers and they hold an edge ok. The best thing I like about them is they're LIGHT and easy to ski. I can easily ski 5-6 hours without leg fatigue.

I did a back 2 back between the BW and a Kastle lx82. I liked the BW much more. I give the BW about a 9/10 and the Kastle about a 8/10.

my ski length is 173

I'd like to demo the SD95 myself but the sizing is weird. The 172 is like a 168 and the 179 or 180(I forget) is like a 177
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I bought a pair of 2013 Nordica Steadfast demo ski's with Marker Griffon bindings for $250 from 2nd track Sports. They did not have a set of Blizzard Bushwacker, although they had Blizzard Brahma's.


I went all-in, and went home and got my Volkl Ledge skis, and used them for a small trade in credit. I just had second thoughts about keeping old skis around. If I like the way these ski, I can use them for a few years.


I'm willing to plug the 2nd Track Sports. They had a pretty good inventory of used skis and good prices. I went to the Park City Ski swap on Friday night (stood in line, paid $10 to get in), and the selection was lame ... the only skis on my list in the stacks was the Rossi Experience 88. And the prices people wanted were too high. We bought some poles, and the people in front of me were buying used Rossi Soul 7's with bindings for $540. I had looked at 2nd hand prices for the models I was interested in, and the prices I saw were all too high.


I've seen comments that the Nordica topsheet has delamination issues, and I see that on these used skis. The biggest thing is the cosmetic issue with the topsheet peeled back small amounts in places. The sales help suggested razoring off the loose bits to eliminate a split that could widen further. I think a bit of gluing and clamping might be a better idea.


Hopefully I like these. I still think I will try to ski around some demo days, and test some skis. Maybe I have strong ski preferences and just don't know. Skis are expensive, and buying demo's for a discount is a good way to save some money. As time goes by, I will keep getting better stuff ... As a family, we bought the cheapest used gear a year ago, and bought some way better used gear this year. Over time, we can gradually spread out the equipment upgrades while getting better stuff. Maybe my daughter's feet are done growing!

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