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Originally Posted by Do Work View Post

I really have to agree with Rusty.  I seriously always have to sort of laugh when people are like "Yeah we only go to Magic when it's a pow day- the rest of the time we like to stand in a lift line for half the day, ski glacial windswept and scraped-to-bedrock groomers with 6,000 of our closest friends at arm's length for 2x the cost."


I'm not trying to be insulting but it really does crack me up every time I hear it.  So what if Magic only has like 6 trails to open with?  Those trails are groomed with the same snow and groomers that Stratton uses- and with 5,800 less skiers on average to rip down then, not only are you skiing more than across the valley, but the trails don't get scraped off- go ahead, ski Trick at 3pm, you can lay GS the whole way down, because there's still fresh cord on the edges and luxurious, edgeable snow all the way down the gut.  There are no crowds, and the trail/snow quality blows Stratton right out of the water.  Whenever I go to Stratton I'm bored out of my skull an hour in and always disappointed with the quality of the groomers- when that's supposedly what they're so famous for!  It's just so featureless, so steamrolled, so unendingly crushed by hordes and so...  Well, canned.  I feel like a rat in a maze when I go there and I don't like it, especially given the cost.        



Honestly, what is it that people think they're getting at Okemo & Stratton that they aren't getting here?  I seriously don't see it.  They've been sold the idea of an activity as a substitute for a real activity on false pretense and it blows my mind.  Is it really just that much cooler to go someplace your friends have heard of??  Trail count is just about the only thing you get over there, along with speedy lifts that you still wait 20 mins to ride (thus negating how fast they are), and even when you do get up them it's ALWAYS skied out, icy and overflowing with people so I have to question the "quality vs quantity"relationship at hand very seriously.  I simply don't get it.  Why do people save Magic for only pow days??  Yes it's awesome for that too and truly on another level when it's deep, but the real Magic secret these days seems to be how awesome it is when the pow isn't blowing.  The new Magic has killer grooming, no crowds and better, more open steeps to bomb than anybody else around and that's a fact.  You're doing yourself a massive disservice by not recognizing that.



I suppose if you're a scene skier, for sure uber-crowded McResorts are the way to go.  Everyone will know where you went when you tag yourself on the deck for sure.  If you actually want to ski wide open class A+ grooming without crowds and a prohibitive patrol though, there's only one place to go.  Different strokes for different folks, but I have not one single idea why people spend so much money to ski in a crowd on blue ice.  Ugh...  Maybe Magic should develop an astronomically shittier product, charge double and then people would want to go there.  :(  

I guess I should probably comment since I am in the group that DoWork is mentioning, since Okemo is my home mountain.  


I have gone to Magic 1-2 times a year (usually after a snowfall) and like it a lot.  However, in leaner natural snow years (like this one), it is far harder for me to justify. I have a seasons pass to Okemo as well as access to nearby lodging, so my general theory is if I travel elsewhere, it is to get something (typically terrain) I cannot get at Okemo.  At Okemo, I have access to an intermediate mountain (yes, there is some steeper stuff, but nothing that compares to Magic/Killington in So. VT and most No. VT mountains I have been to), so if I want to ski something I can get there, it is extremely hard to justify to myself traveling and spending more money elsewhere.  When the fun (read advanced and expert terrain) isn't open at Magic, the major draw to the mountain (its terrain), is kind of gone.  The atmosphere is great, but at that point I am paying a lift ticket price and an hour or so of driving and gas solely for the atmosphere and no longer the terrain.


That all being said, when the diamond and double diamond terrain is open I plan on definitely taking a trip or two to Magic, which is worth it for the terrain alone.  When the terrain isn't open and I plan on going to another mountain for better terrain, I usually have to consider Killington or more likely Sugarbush.  In short, reliability for the tougher terrain, which is where Magic has its niche in So. VT, would definitely get me there more often.

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Anyone in for the weekend?  Snow was great last. I'll be there both days.

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DoWork, I do not appreciate your comment on the Joneses.


In my opinion, comparing Okemo and Stratton to Magic is flawed.  Those mountains are groomed and rely on snowmaking.  Without putting those mountains down, Magic is real down east skiing.  It's old VT.


For me Magic is all about Red Line, Black Line, one of the other Lines, Goniff Glade, the low angle woods.  This is real skiing.  The terrain is among the best in VT, and I mean that!  For a non powder day, Magic is natural snow.  That is unique and again, better than groomed-out snowmaking.  Just my opinion.  That's what makes Mad River so special - natural snow.  The best terrain at Magic cannot be groomed, for the most part.


It would be nice if they would groom Black line though.


You are way more likely to hit a rock at Magic.  The lift line can be longer than some.  But the place is friendly, tranquil and fun.  It's gnarl and I love skiing there!

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Haven't been in a while, but definitely looking to get some days in at Magic this year.  Had quite a few good days there over the years.


How'd the mountain do with Monday's weather?  Is the base in the woods getting close?

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Originally Posted by KevinF View Post


"Josh" is a reference to Josh Matta, a former (now banned) member of these forums known for a variety of things, including a fanatical love of the conditions he found at Stowe.  As he is persona non grata around here, I will leave it at that, but you are free to search his posts for further understanding.

Josh always treated me well.  He is a good guy in my opinion.  Hope to ski with him again this season.


... not the best speller - then again, I wouldn't know.

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Is Magic Open??
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Originally Posted by Hoss View Post

Haven't been in a while, but definitely looking to get some days in at Magic this year.  Had quite a few good days there over the years.


How'd the mountain do with Monday's weather?  Is the base in the woods getting close?

The mountain is in fine shape.  Skiing really well.  I skied mellow woods without any issue last week.


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How's Magic this week? What happened last Sunday/night with the weather?
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No snow expected at this time.  Should still be good

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When were you there?
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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

When were you there?


The pic is from last Saturday.  17th I guess?  Should be great this weekend.

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Couple of inches on tap for tomorrow.  Can't hurt.

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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

Couple of inches on tap for tomorrow.  Can't hurt.

Not @ all.  A little refresh would be perfect.  Twilight & others skied beautifully last weekend.

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It's dumpin!  should be real good today and tomorrow!

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Base, base, base!

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Afraid of a few sparks

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No (check my bases), but I'm excited about actual soft snow. I've been skiing dust on skating rink all season (except days it rained, which were great).

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Bring the powder boards and stay the week. 12"+ on Tuesday. :yahoo:

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Looks like Wednesday for Powder day special opening.  This is going to be exceptional!

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Sounds like Magic will open on Wednesday.  This could be EPIC

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I am thinking about driving up either Tuesday night or very early Wednesday morning.  Should be epic!

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I think I will travel Wed, am.  Could be nasty driving though.

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Undecided at this point will keep an eye on what they get or don't get today.  

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Let's hope the wind doesn't get crazy and scour the ridge. Trees should be good though.
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Tog, you coming up?  It's snowing now, but the big dump was a fizzle. They will open tomorrow.  $68

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Not this week. Snow should be coming later today no?
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It is and they will have some good pow on top, but not 18".

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How was Magic today?

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Originally Posted by Wraith View Post

How was Magic today?




I don't want to sound crazy so I'll just wait until my friend is done editing the video we got yesterday to tell you how it was.  Actually, if you didn't go you probably shouldn't watch it.  It might hurt.    

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Another powder day at Magic, Tuesday.  One foot equals special weekday opening.  Thursday is throw back day.  I think it's $20.

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