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Moving from Race Ski to All Mountain - 52 Yrs Young

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Seeking advice on new purchase. Last 7 years on Fischer RC4 slalom skis (102/66/98). Typical season is Northeast 7-9 days, Rockies 3-5 days. Age 52, 6'3" 225 lbs. in good (but not great) shape..  Ski the whole mountain very well but easing up on bumps and seeking out fast cruisers/trees.

Thinking of buying an all mountain - Volk Kendo or Blizzard Brahma, but concerned that 88/89 is too wide, plus majority of skiing is northeast...Is Head SS Titan at 80, or another front side carver (78-81) a better option?? Thanks

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IMO, something like the Titan, or a MX83 would be a nice solution for you, especially if you tended to stay near groomers when you go out west. If you're serious about trees, though, then the Kendo, Brahma or the new Fischer Motive 86's or Stockli Stormrider 88's might be a better compromise. 

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88/89 is a perfect step if you're accustomed to race ski profile. 90's may be a bit wide for ya but that's what I ski in N. VT. Your body will thank you for getting off the race skis. I'm in your same age/wgt category. You will actually enjoy doing bumps again and get ready to relearn and hone your skill set as the wider/softer (as compared to race) skis have the ability to perform w/ multiple body positions thus giving much more overall flexibility and much less demanding on your bones, joints and ligaments........... unless you start really cranking and hucking of course. I'm loving my Blizzards. They just have the modern ski formula down. They work. I just picked up a set of Rossi E88's based on the reviews and plan to try out a "Skinny" ski this year............... btw......... I also ski Fischer Rc4 Race Stock WC/SL 166......... they are fun for ripping icy groomers at warp speed occasionally but waaay too much work for everyday use. Not worth the beating anymore.


The Brahma's are little bro to the Bonafide that I ski. Good amounts of metal. You'll appreciate that coming off a race ski. My Bones (bonadide's) feel very familiar.

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Definitely move to an all-mountain ski if its going to be your only ski.  And no, something in the 80s is not too wide.  Yes you will lose some edge-to-edge quickness, but will pick up lots of performance in other areas.  Since you are on the heavier side, I would not drop 85mm or so.  Lots of good choices in a hard snow oriented ski in that size range - Rossi E88, Fischer Motive 86, Blizzard Brahma, Atomic Crimsom, Nordica NRGy 90, Volkl Kendo, etc.  


If you are going to keep a pair of race skis, then you could go wider.  FWIW I have two skis currently - Fischer Motive 88 and Fischer Superior SC.  I am lighter than you (155 lbs) so the Motive 88 gives me plenty of float in all but the deepest light snow.

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6'3" 225... I think you'll crush the Titan at your size. Kastle MX 83 is a better though expensive solution.
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Coming from race skis and going to all mountain at 225?North east?  I would go with the magnum 8.5 ti with no hesitation...Solid in any conditions: new snow, icy, crud, bumps, trees...They really are like all mountain race skis! You can still find them ( 2014,2013) on the net...


Second choice: Brahma...Same as above but more friendly...

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Demo either of the skis you mentioned. I have been on Kendo's at Okemo the past 3 seasons. I tune mine at 1/3, they are awesome, lightweight and great edge hold.


The Nordica NRG90 may be something to demo too. Okemo is having a demo in mid Dec if you can make it.

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