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And since we're talking about breweries that brew large quantities of beer and are Oregon based, Widmer is publicly owned (NASDAQ: BREW), McMenamin's is privately held (with the brothers holding the majority) and Full Sail is employee owned. Whitney Burnside was recently hired away from Pelican to open 10 Barrel's new Portland location and I am a big fan of hers, but I won't be drinking 10 Barrel. Like @ShopGimp, I see no reason to support 10 Barrel in a small-ish town when there are so many great beer options in Bend.

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Seems like the brewers at 10 Barrel are tickled pink to be working with AB more closely.  They'd been working with AB distribution since day 1.




Access to more and better hops, equipment, brewing knowledge .....doesn't seem to be a sellout at all.


AND THE TRUTH shall set you free....


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Drink it if you want. Tis M'erica after all. 

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"We can't get hops because were not AB". Said no Oregon craft brewer, ever. I'll spend my money with local brewers who need the $ and not the ones supported handsomely by AB, thanks.
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My 2 cents


Have been looking for 10 Barrel Beer for a couple months now, finally found some in a Fred Meyer ( Puget Sound.)  That 6 pack of Apocalypse IPA  sure goes down pretty good.  Interesting, there was no link to Anheuser-Busch on 10 Barrel's packaging.

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It's like this: Anheuser-Busch is the K2 corporation of beer. Does it slide down the throa/snow easily? Sure, but there are more wholesome outfits out there that deserve to be on your feet and in your hand. 

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