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Liberty Double Helix Review - 190

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I've been on a pair of the previous non-rockered version (190cm) for the past couple seasons and I really loved them. This season I upgraded to the new rockered model and am extremely impressed with how fun these skis are all over the mountain. I use these as my daily driver at Wolf Creek CO (400+ inches of snow annually). I could not be happier with their versatility, ease of use, and overall performance in softer snow conditions. 


Other skis I've used & liked in the past few years

- Scott P4 - great all-rounder for soft groomers & variable conditions, but not as good in powder - no rocker & about 11mm narrower than the DH.

- Icelantic Shaman - really fun in powder and chop, but just O.K everywhere else.


146/121/136 mm dimensions

23 m turn radius
Bamboo sandwich construction 

I'm an expert, 6' 5", 220 lbs who skis primarily off trail - pow, trees, steep faces. These are great for deep snow days and are really excellent in the trees! Floaty, yet responsive, with a firm, poppy flex. You can point 'em & bomb through the powder, crud and chop at Mach 5, or just sit back, relax, and cruise on 'em. They can make a fairly wide variety of turn shapes, but they really love to open it up for high speed GS turns. Really easy turn initiation without being twitchy in any way. Very managable for such a wide, powerful ski. A fairly aggressive sidecut encourages a lot of angulation - these can  really rail on softer groomed trails. They bite and hold pretty well, but will lose grip at very high speeds on harder snow. Virtually no tip flap when hauling arse on hardpack unless it's pretty hard snow. 


Even though they're twin tips with moderate rocker, they're not 'loose' & slarvy like a lot of similar powder skis. I think that's what makes them so versatile - a fairly firm flex, a bit of camber, with a long moderate tip rocker & minimal tail rocker. IMO, they are a bit center-mounted, so I moved my mount point back -1cm from the Standard line to keep the tips up in light powder. I didn't feel like I sacrificed any agility or turn initiation at all (probably due to the tip rocker).


There are better pure powder skis out there, and better pure hardpack skis out there, but these are truly a Western one-ski quiver, especially for bigger guys. They handle variable conditions without missing a beat. So much fun all over the mountain - very playful, yet very stable. For me, the perfect blend of agility and stability.
Highly recommended for any advanced-to-expert skiers looking for a great powder ski that can handle anything the mountain throws at you (except for bulletproof ice).



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These skis are incredible. Fairly light, great flex pattern, ski piled up snow w/ joy. Currently @ whistler and very pleased w/ these - haven't touched the Cochise. Blue ice ( yes it's here) not so much. Think I may need to buy a pair of Helix's as well. Oh, they absolutely will trench a soft groomer.

Anyone I interested in a pair of S7's?
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