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Sacrifice of the Skis

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This is actually a couple years old, but seems like the right time of year for this sort of thing...



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There is a TGR thread about sacrificing to Ullr. Which is NSFW. And which doesn't actually involve a sacrifice. And Ullr turns out not to be the god of snow.

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I didn't like the video because you are supposed to have ski burning PARTY.


We stopped actually burning skis years ago due to all the less than healthy fumes that the burning of plastic, fibre glass, kevlar, ptex etc. that are given off.

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Originally Posted by DanoT View Post

I didn't like the video because you are supposed to have ski burning PARTY.


May well have been happening behind the camera - perhaps an additional vid exists somewhere?


Probably on TGR.    ;) 


Edit: Found it, here.

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How come making a burnt offering is never suggested when people start threads about what to do with their 30 year-old skis? Or do the moderators delete those suggestions in the interest of public safety?

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It only works if the skis are virgins.
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Originally Posted by tomfifield View Post

It only works if the skis are virgins.

Darn. Shoulda thought of that. No wonder there's been no snow at Tahoe the last three winters--I've been burning old skis. There's a brand new, unmounted pair of Automatic 117's in my garage. Should I or shouldn't I? Nah, let someone else take responsibility. Maybe Philpug has some virgin skis around the shop that will never sell he can donate to the cause. Or maybe the demo shops around Tahoe have discontinued powder skis that haven't been used in three years because it was too rocky to let them out.

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This sounds like a great opportunity for a Tahoe-wide Ski Sacrifice Ceremony/Party. Seems like the ski areas and manufacturers would want to participate/contribute.


But puleeze...



Marketing - are you listening?   ;) 

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Sacrificing old skis makes so much more sense than sacrificing virgins.  


Virgins are so much harder to come by.

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I had old sacrificial skis for parts. I'd dig out pieces of base or cut off strips of metal edge to fix

other skiis. What to do with these ugly critters when I moved???  :cool Gouged up and sharp shards of steel

that would hurt people?


I attacked them brutally with a Sawzall.  A great tool and great fun cutting each ski into small pieces.:jedi:

But edges were a bit hard to cut with a fine metal blade!

Compact scrap left that went into regular household trash !

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