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Is it reasonable that my shoe size foot 7med would fit comfortably into the 22.5 size Dalbello Kyra ID.?  I tried a pair on at the end of last ski season, and the boot fitter got them feeling fine.  I have been having issues with my ski boots the past several years as my 'little' toes have become 'hammer toes' and hurt all the time.  The wider last seemed better on the toes, but I have a narrow heel.  I also have very athletic calves from years of being a group fitness instructor.  However, having the boot lower on my calves made me feel like I could easily lose my forward flex position in the right conditions.  I mail ordered a pair of KR 2 Chakra's size 23-23.5 and put my current Intuition Liners (23.0) from my current/old Lange's.  I liked the fit better with around my ankles and calves, but hurt the toes.  I am a 57yr old advanced skier that ski's mostly moguls and in the trees ... very few groomers.  Any thoughts if the Kyra ID would be a good fit for me, or should I continue looking?