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Dynastar Powertrack 89 - sizing for 6'1" 200 lb 50 yo

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Looking at the Powertrack 89 and having trouble deciding between the 179 cm and 186 cm.  I am 6'1'', expert skier, 195 lbs but with my ski patrol vest probably around 205-210.


Any suggestions on length?  Wavering between 179 and 186 cm.




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I'm 6' 200#. I was lucky enough to ski the 179cm last year for several week (186 were not out yet). Even at the shorter length they did extremely well with all different types of terrain and conditions. However, they were too short. Go with the 186. You will be happier. (In my opinion)
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Got the 186 cm today, waiting for my Marker Jester bindings to come in.  Excited to try these puppies out!

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Are you happy with the 187's vs 179's?  We are similar age, size, etc...

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I just left REI getting the 186 cm. They should be mounted by Friday so I can take them out on Saturday and report on how well they work for me. I'm also very similar in size
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I actually have not skied them yet!  No snow here in CA so I have been on my rock ski's so far.  Looks like I won't get on them until next year the way things are going.

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This is from my response to another thread:


"It took me a little longer than expected, but I took these bad boys with me to my weekend vacation to Vermont. They had a day of heavier snowfall at mount snow and there were big piles of powder with icy granula under them. The skis did amazingly and I didn't feel like I was too far forward with the reference mount. Felt like I could carve hard when I hit the bottom layer and I felt great ripping through the big piles too"


When I skied in Vermont I was with some less experience skiers in the morning and then a stronger intermediate skier in the afternoon.

I'm taking them out again this Saturday but this time by myself. I'll probably go to Snow Summit so I should be able to see how they feel ripping down their double blacks.

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Ok, couldn't hold out any longer.  After slipping around on ice with my beat up old Atomic Nomad Whiteouts this weekend I took the plunge and broke out the Powertrack's.


Spring conditions so ICY in the morning- reminded of skiing on man made snow in the east coasts when I was a kid during the bad years of the early 80's. As it warmed up turned to soft then slush by 2 pm.


First off REALLY glad I got the 186's.  Held well on the ice although did chatter a bit if I got going real fast and held the turns to long.  Overall no problem.  They are light and responsive.  Great for longer turns and quick for short turns.


In the soft and slush they were also really nice.  Quick edge to edge.  No problems.  Even skied some soft bumps.  Did not feel to long.  Had no problems turning where I wanted to.


Overall very psyched about these boards.  Highly recommended.  186 is the way to go for someone my size and skill.  Wish I had taken them out earlier :).



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I'm 5'6", fluctuate between 150-160, was looking at getting these too, but couldn't find anywhere to demo them. Would you think the 172 or 179 is a better fit for me? I'm East Coast based (VT, ME, NH) so I do enjoy carving at moderate-high speed on the groomers, but if the conditions allow, I love spending the whole weekend hitting the bumps and roughed up groomers. I would say I lean more towards being an athletic skier on the spectrum of finesse-athletic-power.


I did manage to ski the Blizzard Brahma in 166, which I thought was too short and think the 173 would be perfect for me. The Brahma is in a similar class to the Powertrack 89, but supposedly stiffer from what I've read, which is why I was thinking I might have to size up to the 179 on the Powertrack.. Any thoughts from people who have skied both?

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