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Pop-ups and mouse traps

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Is it just me or is anybody else getting pop-ups or mouse trapped when tuning in here? I've been getting both when I click from my favorites to the Epic homepage and when I switch between forums, this despite my firewall, spyboot and pop-up stopper. I'll get addresses next time it happens.


opps,just got an Explorer error notification box. Mat be MS/IE gone loopy.

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EpicSki has NO, NO NO popup ads! This is a popup-free zone, emplyoying all the anti-popup measures permitted under the Patriot Act.
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I thought maybe you were getting back at me when I promised more $ then failed to deliver.

I didn't mean to impliy we went commercial and I'm sorry for that inference.

I'm just confused how this junk can get through all the software I have running to stop such an attack. :
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> ...I thought maybe you were getting back at me when I promised more $ then failed to deliver...

What a thought! Imagine if this were the case for most commercial internet sites, and that you always receive the same core material, but the number of unwanted ads sent to you is inversely proportional to your up-front contribution to the site. Wow - what a motivator to chip in! Do any sites actually operate this way?

Tom / PM
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Two words:


You've got Spyware! Probably of the type that loads along with IE and monitors what sites you surf, reports back to the mothership when you land on a page that relates to what they advertise, and then makes IE open up a web popup. The site you're surfing, in this case EpicSki, has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Unfortunately a federal court<a href="http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/09/09/0325225&mode=thread&tid=111&tid=123&tid=126&tid=99 " target="_blank">
just ruled</a> that this is not a violation of the host site's copyright.

It gets on your PC from things like Kazaa or Bearshare or other P2P sharing programs, downloads of "browser helpers" and other "add-ons", clicking on those dumb "your Internet Connection may not be optimized" ads, and if you use Internet Explorer instead of a modern secure browser, sometimes just by surfing to a site or by opening an email that enables IE's "drive-by download" feature (actually ActiveX downloads)

If you use Internet Explorer, you're much more subject to all kinds of "mal-ware" including "drive-by downloads". Both because of the "software monoculture" of almost all MSIE so that's what's targeted, and the inherently insecure nature of Internet Explorer. Use Mozilla (or a mozilla-based browser: Netscape 7.2, Mozilla Firebird, etc.) and you're immune to most of that and get a better browser.

You maybe have to use IE for the 1% of brain-damaged sites that don't work right due to bad, non-standard coding, but it shouldn't be your everyday browser if you want to surf safe.

Seriously, if you use Mozilla (or Netscape 7) for both browser and email instead of MSIE and MS Outlook Express, you'll be immune from practically any web/email-based attack vectors. You still need anti-spyware software though

Regardless of what you use, nowadays you need "anti-spyware" programs just like anti-virus, in case ad-delivery or privacy-invasive software lands on your PC from other downloads or installations. Ad-Aware is free and very effective, and relatively user-friendly.

Never install any of those "browser buddy" or "Gator" or anything like that - they don't do anything meaningful but by installing them you've "agreed" in the fine print to allow ad-delivery software and spyware to be downloaded onto your machine without further notice.

Very good overview and recommendations in this PC Magazine article except they don't seriously mention alternatives to Microsoft Internet Explorer, because that would be offending their major advertiser. Otherwise a good resource.
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Use Spybot it's free and will clean all that crap out.
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Thanks guys, I have both adware and spyboot. I disallow thrid party cookies. I run the anti-spyware daily and delete info gathering cookies. I use zone labs fire wall set at high. If this continues, I'll try a different browser. Any other idesa? Me thinks my daughter's hot mail and aol/im may be the source of this attack. Wow, as I write I've twice received a pop-up box that sez shit, connection failure.
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Are the pop-ups text messages in a grey pop-up. If so, you might have messenger turned on. Messenger is a little backdoor messaging service embedded in Windows. Its purpose is to allow messages to be broadcasted over private networks which usually have a firewall that stops external messages. The problem is spammers have figured out most ISP don't block these types of messages.

Since you don't need messenger for home use you should turn it off. To do such go to the control panel and select Administrative Tools. From there select Services. Page down through the services to messenger and double click on it. Stop the process and switch its status to disabled then click on the 'Apply' button.
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Thanks Rio but, that selection on the control panel must be a new feature on recent versions of windows. I'm running '98. I think I found the problem. I got a Zone Lab, Ad-ware and Spybot update. I thought auto update was enabled on these, I guess not. So far, no pop-ups. I think the Z-alarm update did the trick 'cause I was getting pop-ups even when I shut down internet access and dumped all cookies and temp. files.

Thanks all for tour input.
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