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Advice for New Skis [groomed trails in northeast]

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  1. Where in the world are you skiing? Ski Sundown in CT and Okemo in VT

  2. What kinds of terrain do you prefer? Groomed Trails

  3. How many days a year do you ski? 10 - 15

  4. How advanced are you as a skier? Mostly ski intermediate terrain and some black diamond trails. currently I am using Head C105 skis that are 163cm , they turn ok but start to chatter at speed and feel unstable to me. (I have them tuned at Sundown 2x per season) I would like to spend between $600-$800 for skis and bindings.

  5. What's your height and weight? 5' 7" and 152lb (Recently lost 40 lbs over the past 5 months)


I have returned to skiing over the past 4 years and would like to replace the used skis I am currently using with something that is a better match for my ability (or lake there of) and size.  Any advice on choosing a good ski and binding combination would be appreciated.

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Sent you a pm.


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General guidelines of what you should probably be looking for:


Ski type: All mountain

Length: Somewhere in the 165-170 range

Waist: Around 80ish

Rocker/Camber profile: full camber, or minimal rocker, definitely want camber underfoot. 


An all mountain ski with an 80-85mm waist is going to help you deal with the conditions you're going to commonly find in southern New England, as well as Okemo. You will have enough waist width to be stable, but will be able to get good edge hold on firmer stuff. Since you are going to be skiing groomers, especially Okemo groomers, you don't have much use for a ton of rocker, so more camber is going to suit  you better since it translates to better edge hold. 


For example, the Rossi Experience 83 would be a ski to look at as a starting point. Skis similar to that should give you what you're looking for. 

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I agree with the guidelines that freeski919 outlined.  I would also add that since you are on the lighter side, you want to avoid skis that are overly stiff.  I also might go down a bit below 80mm width since that might get you a ski that might match your ability level and weight better.  In addition to the E83 (good suggestion) I would add the following:

Head Rev 80 Pro

Fischer Motive 76

Nordica NRGy 80

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Thanks for the advice, I am headed to Ski Haus on Thursday and will look for an approx. 167cm - 80, med flex ski, with camber, rocker.



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From their inventory, I'd put these on your list:


K2 Amp Richtor 82 xti

K2 Amp 76 ti

Blizzard Latigo or Chayene

Salomon M X-Drive

Head Supershape Rally (might be a little too much better than you)

Atomic Nomad Blackeye TI


Oh, and make sure your boots fit!

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Lets take a step back...you said you lost 40lb over the past 5 months..so since last season. First..How the hell did you do it? Second and relevant to this thread, You need to address boots now too. You aren't TAHT big of a guy, and you lost over 20% of your mass and that would be coming off of your feet and legs, you will now be winning in your boots. Yes, the skis are important but you will need to be able to control thema nd in your current boots that fit you when you were 40b bigger, I don't se that happening. You say you ski Okemo, go see the guys at Boot Drs. at the entrance of Okemo and have yours looked at to see if they still fit, doubt it and if the volume can be addressed, still doubt it and to look at new boots, most probable. IIRC, they demo there so once you get the boots addressed, you can demo sone skis. Totem Pole would be the other place to check out boots too. 

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If you are skiing mostly groomers, I would go with the Head SS Rally over the Rev 80. And I wouldn't worry about the Rally being over your head ability wise, that ski is darn near automatic in just about every condition. Phil did a pretty extensive review of the Rally here on the Forum a while back, you might want to do a search. If you are 5'7" your head height is just about 170 cm. That's on the long side for a carving ski, especially for someone your weight. I'm thinking you would be happier on the 163.

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Utagonian, Thank you for the recommendations, they all seem to be good choices. I am headed to Ski Haus this morning.


Philpug, Lost weight through good old diet and exercise (with a personal trainer) but was highly motivated to avoid complications from diabetes. Point noted concerning boots and in fact I choose ski  Haus because they were listed on this site as having good boot fitters on staff and I plan to get the boots and skis together. I plan to get custom foot beds and whatever boot they recommend fitted to my foot as necessary. Going to Ski Haus because I am actually 2.5 hrs from Okemo and only ski there 3 or 4 times a year.


Mac, I see your point concerning length of the ski and I am starting to think approx. 163 is the right length ski for me.


Again thank you everyone for the advice, I have a good idea what type of ski I should be looking at and am excited to spend some time today picking out a ski and boot combo.



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So I just got back from Alpine Haus and I am very happy with the result.


Nordica NRGy 80 169 with Solomon STH2  Bindings and Nordica Cruise 90 boots with Sidas Footbeds. 


Now I just need some snow......



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Nice!  Have fun.  Glad to see that you sized up a little.


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Glad you went to that shop, Alpine Haus, rocky Hill. They are good people. My ski buddy gets all his stuff there. He even has them do a Demo at Okemo by his condo at Winterplace in late Jan. at the top of the A Quad.
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