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Dalbello Scorpion line 2015

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Ive heard rumors that there is a new Scorpion race boot out on the market but could not find any info on their website on my mobile. Anybody have any news on it or maybe even tried one on?
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Haven't seen one yet but hear there is a new one in the works.  Don't believe it is available yet though.

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Thanks for the info Bud. If you hear something more keep me posted please.



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It is available and is readily visble with the German, Swiss, and Italian teams.  check Justin Murisier, 13th at Soelden.


it is a complete new model,  only the colour is unchanged and I would guess is available through your local Dalbello dealer network.  It is CAL



It is Called the DRS World CUP.

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Sandy, thanks for the info. I was actually taking to Murcier at Levi this weekend. He said his boots were the old ones and they looked exactly like mine except they had som black text up on the toe part. And they were 180 stiffness. Then he had some kind of metal block between the two lower buckles to protect them against slamming gates. In a month or so the new boot will be out on the market he said. Going to Austria tomorrow so maybe I get some more info over there.

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We have been skiing on and selling the boot here in Canada for 6-8 months now.  the new one is very different but as always subtle change in Cosmetic treatment for marketing reasons and identity. The plastic buckle protector is in the box with along with a FIS legal 5mm lifter kit , spare buckle bales, cuff wedge.  very compete package.  4 flexes size 4-9 US.


note there is no longer a metal bar on the cuff around the screws and a full sole cutaway instead of the beam in the Scorpion.

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Thanks sandy. I remember when nordica upgraded their doberman a few years ago. The old one fit great but the new one did not. The scorpion was very close to the old dobie. Im now wondering if the same thing is going to happen to scorpion.....
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I have put about 30 people in the new DRS World Cup and have almost no fit work at all,  its really an amazing last and improved liner.  They have done their homework.  the only difference is that the BSLs are off as there is a shorter BSL for a given internal size. 

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