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New Camera

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I am looking for some advice.


I have written to Santa asking for a new sports cam but I need to be more specific, I want a light weight camera that I can use when skiing, running, cycling, swimming and so on and does not look stupid like a Gopro


I am really tempted by a Hedcam Ten80, but recently came across this. Recently came across bullet camera, apart for being Russian what does everyone think of it,


Anyone come up with alternatives?



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It really comes down to what quality of photos you want.  If it doesn't matter much, then snap away with your iPhone or Android.  If you want to step up in quality without using a GoPro, then there are a myriad of pocket cameras that take outstanding photos.  I personally use a Panasonic Lumix that's a few years old.  It has a great zoom, shoots good video, has an HDR mode for wonderful scenic photos, and is relatively small.  I hike, ski, bike, etc with it all the time.  The quality of the photos I've taken with it were good enough that I've had them published online and in a national magazine.  Canon and Sony are two other brands I love, so do a little research, see what features you need, how much you want to spend, and enjoy taking great photos!



Two Sherpas LLC

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Chris Morgan


I'm thinking about getting an iPhone  maybe early next year and I'm curious about the quality of the pics from that contraption. I've  seen some pics taken from iPhones and, to me, they look great.  For a little camera, I have a Cannon G9 which has worked great.  About a year ago I broke down and got a Nikon D3100 ( with a couple of lenses) / the more I use the Nikon, the more I like it BUT sometimes it's more practical for me to have a much smaller camera.


Thanx for any input      

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They do a great job especially the iPhone 6.  I like to use a $1.99 app called Pro HDR.  Here are some examples I shot yesterday.




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Thanx for posting those pics.  Yeah, they look great to me, zooming them up on my MacBook Pro the resolution from your iPhone seems pretty good, or at least all I'd ever want.


Great shot of that cannon, figure that's from the Revolutionary War- Cool!

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