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Considering these tires for an Audi a4. Live in a Vermont ski town on a dirt hill road. Don't really want to spend all the money for Blizzaks. This will be my first winter with an all wheel drive vehicle. Had a Honda Pilot front wheel drive that I put studded snow tires on. Had one problem with it throughout the daily two year winter commute I had with it so I am hoping regardless of winter tire the all wheel drive will serve me better.
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If you are looking to save a little on winter tires, I would suggest the General Altimax Artic.  Widely considered a terrific traditional winter tire - and they are studdable if you want that.  I had a set on my previous car (WRX) for three winters and they were excellent for my trips to Vermont for skiing.  Definitely felt a bit "vague" on the highway compared to my summer tires, but great in the snow.

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