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Low cut boots?

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I had achilles tendonitis a long time ago but every time I wear boots (winter, hiking) for more than an hour I get some discomfort/pain in the area.  With winter approaching I was hoping to do some more xc skiing, snowshoeing, etc., but after wearing boots a couple of times in the last week I was reminded of this problem.


Is there a brand/model of xc boot that is low cut in the heal area?  Right now I have NNN bindings, but was thinking of adding a BC ski to my lineup and will wait to decide on binding type until I research boots further.


And by chance does anyone else have this issue?

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I schmucked my achilles tendon on hard tiled edge of a swimming pool decades ago, and some boots do bother it.  However my custom foamed boots do not ususally cause me grief.  I suppose if I were lucky enough to get a lot of skiing in for a week or two in a row they would. 

Better fitting boots and good nutrition are all I can suggest.

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Originally Posted by Noonievut View Post


Is there a brand/model of xc boot that is low cut in the heal area?


I don't know of any both fit BC bindings and are lower than ankle-high.      Am I reading your post right, you have pain in your hiking boots, but you do not have pain in your NNN boots? 


In case you're not aware, on a lot of high-cut BC boots there's really not much support in the tendon area between the heel cup and the plastic cuff brace.    Perhaps you might be able to get one high cut enough to skip the problem area altogether?    


For example, an Alpina Crossfield would probably hit the trouble spot but an Alpina Explorer might skip over it?   Rossi BCX6 would probably hit the trouble spot esp. if laced tight for ski control but a BCX10 might be tall enough to skip over?


If you do decide to go this route, and especially if you choose to only loosely tie the upper laces (simulating a low cut boot) or even if you decide to leave the upper cuff mostly undone, there is a lot to be said for instep power straps.      Like on the Rossi BC X12   or Fischer BCX 875 


In the past Rossi has had a cute little feature where you get to control heel retention and tendon pressure with a specific tendon strap, velcroed just above the heel cup; I don't see that on their boots now.   I think the old X11 had it.



Originally Posted by Noonievut View Post


And by chance does anyone else have this issue?


Err, not exactly.    With my tendons I can't wait to lace up the boot as high as I can.   Which is why my NNN-BC boots are taller than most womens' alpine boots.     Obviously I have heel lifts and other tweaks.

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You might also consider custom orthotics if you're significantly pronated, to get the lower foot bone the achilles tendon inserts into to be properly aligned with your lower leg. My achilles tendonitis needed custom orthotics, when stretching and PT only gave me about 90% recovery.

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