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Quick question   , looking for input ,I have a pair of rossy b3 (orange) 83 under the foot  176 length . great ski . I also have Rosssy z9 170 under the foot ,never really got a hold on them . Ive Rossy s3 in a 178. thats been my main ski and been great all around.. Picking up new boots this winter and maybe ski's looking at the rossy soul 7s . Wondering where they will fit in.. Looking at the 180's  maybe 172 ? Ski off groomed when Its skiable  not a great lover of groomed. Started with surplus army skis then northland wood and splitkins screw on metal edges. Still fully wired for skiing and  learning all I can . The s3' have been great  and will keep them {infact all of them } :0) Just wondering who skied my length in the S3 and how the soul 7 in the 180 will fit in .   Hitting the gym so I can get up when I fall down  84 is only a number.. :0)