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Atomic Beta Carv 9.18?

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Without any knowledge I bought a pair at a ski swap. Anyone know anything about them?

You would think by now I would demo or research before buying.
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I cannot imagine anyone not liking those skis. Don't worry, you'll be happy.
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Great ski. You will love it. None the less I bought a pair last year after demoing a pair, twice. I dont know about the west but out here in the east this ski works very, very well on most all of our conditions and terrain. Havent noticed any weaknesses, at least withnin the limits of my abilities.
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Thanks guys. I feel better. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Number one selling ski in Europe ...need any other comments.
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I agree, a great intermediate and womens ski. Do check your alignment and boot fit, and determine if the bindings need to be remounted slightly more forward. Of course, if it is a toe specific binding, and the person before you had significantly longer boot soles, that may not be necessary, but check out the binding location on the ski, just to be sure you won't be skiing in the "back seat."
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Hi wink. Do not need to worry, they were new.

Just need to get them mounted and am ready to go.

Which will probably not be till December
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