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Hi Gang: Repeating this post 'cuz I have to get rid of them and somebody wants to save money!


Planning a trip to Red Mountain (or Whitewater) in Rossland, BC for this winter? I've got three transferable vouchers for cat skiing at Big Red Cats for the 2014/2015 season. 

Big Red Cat's peak season price is $527.95 CDN per ticket ($499 + 5% tax, + 4 land use fee), which is about $472 USD. I'll still let them go for $1000 (or $333.33 each).  That's a discount of almost 30%!


If you aren't familiar with Big Red Cats, they run an excellent backcountry skiing/boarding operation with groups ranging from Intermediate up to "Uber Expert". Here is their web site:

Big Red Cats is accepting reservations now. Reply or send me a PM and I can loop in  Big Red Cats via email to verify my vouchers and reserve your spots.