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I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but while "Coffee" may be showing as the 4997th member registered, their membership number is actually 5003.

Can we have a ruling here, please?

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What does he get, what does he get?

Let me do the 6000 contest because I have a brand-new helmet I could give as a prize...

(I got one that fits. Not that I'm likely to wear it. )

[ October 18, 2003, 10:43 PM: Message edited by: nolo ]
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Whoever it may be, #5000 has yet to make any posts, according to the search function.

Come on, 5000--you're an instant celebrity! Show yourself!

Best regards,
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Nolo, wear the helmet on a cold and windy day. You'll like it then. Think of the helmet as high tech cold and wind protection, maybe that will help you get over the stigma.

What do I get for 4th place?
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Since I'm getting e-mails on this very important issue...

Here's the deal, the 5000th member was Wolfman, though he is number 5006 because the first 6 user accounts were created to test the system (by me and the developer) then deleted. If you want the actual number 5000, it is username BR -- who has not posted yet. I think it makes more sense to celebrate the 5000th member than# 5000. But that's your call.

Wolfman's profile:

BR's profile:
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Originally posted by vail snopro:
Ok, everybody-

Basic rules-

1)- If two people choose the correct date and time, the earlier posting of the correct d/t will be declared the winner.

2)- We know that there are several (6-7) blank numbers which AC used as tests back when he first set up EpicSki, so let's make it simple. The individual which registers and is assigned #5000, will be the one counted. This way, it will be very obvious how the count is coming.

I believe the rules were put out at the beginning of this contest
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Fair enough.
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VSP informed me of my glorious victory last night. I asked him if my winnings will enable me to pay off my mortgage (or get a new one in east vail : ) Was I disappointed! From now on it's the lottery or nothing for me!

[ October 23, 2003, 10:42 PM: Message edited by: dp ]
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what time on the 17th did BR register?
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The Official Announcement!

Congrats to EpicSki.com for attracting it's 5000th member, and already somewhat past that number!

First of all, I'd like to once again share my appreciation to AC for hosting and keeping this site alive. It is truly a benefit to any and all skiers who participate on it! I'd also like to thank EVERYBODY who participates on the various forums.

And if you do happen to enjoy any benefit from EpicSki, please consider making a donation to help it stay online. Become an EpicSki supporter, and enjoy additional benefits.

Here we go-----

After checking and re-checking the results supplied by AC, it has been determined by the judging committee (ME), that "dp", David Polaner, was the closest guess the correct date and time of the assignment of #5000. His guess of Oct 18, at 9:32 Mountain time (8:32 Epic Time), just edged out several other close guesses.

Yes- this is the same David Polaner who will be speaking about the effects of altitude at the first session of the ESA.

Congrats to David. He has won a pair of Scott Goggles, some ski socks from Fox River Mills, and a fleece vest from Open Air Wear.

If "BR", the #5000 member gets a hold of me, I'll see what I can do about maybe throwing him/her some swag too! Drop me a PM, there, bud...

Thanks to everyone that participated in the #5000 contest.

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