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Atomic memoryfit

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This just poped in my youtube feed, as Im subscribed to atomic's channel

So after fischer and salomon efforts, some atomic flavored moldable shell



Any thoughts?



Funny how the oven in all 3 systems look exactly the same

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Thanks for posting. Curious to know if the Fischer process is different than the Atomic and Salomon in that the Fischer process theoretically pushes the shell in as well as stretching it out. 

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Interesting. Looks like that process could help to avoid a bunch of punching and grinding for the boot fitter. Also, little or no chance of wrinkles, or misalignment of the liner, as can sometimes happen with intuition or the like. Guessing you still need to have an "atomic" foot, but maybe not as critical as with some other brands.


FWIW, my sister-in-law had her rossi shells "cooked" close to 20 years ago, so the idea isn't entirely new, but the plastic used in the atomic shell probably tolerates heating, and maybe stretches better than plastics not designed for that purpose.

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Salomon uses thinner plastic and an additive to create their 360 custom shell. I could be wrong, but I think Atomic is achieving their memory fit the same way. Yeah, you can cook just about any shell out there. Surely not a new concept, but the additive Salomon uses erases memory.


I'm a big fan of Salomon's boots. The XMax 120 fits my foot great. There are a few concerns to consider about the custom shell concept. The biggest concern is trying to get the customer to take the leap of faith that the boot will conform to their wider foot. The second is that you are using their anatomy to press for anomolies in the foot shape…..which isn't alway comfortable for the customer. 

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