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Hello folks, I'm new in the forum and have some questions about the new equipment that's out. My background is that I have been skiing for around 30+ years but have not been skiing in the last 10 years because I moved away from any mountains. I decided this year to introduce my wife and daughter to skiing and we will be making a trip to the Andes (we live close now) on our next vacation. Up till I had to give up skiing my level was black diamond or double black diamond but we spent most our time out of bounds or "off-piste". I never raced except among our friends sometimes just for fun and I don't plan on doing any racing.


As I was making plans for our ski vacation I noticed that I could buy a new set of ski's for a little more than what it cost to rent here so I began looking for some new equipment to buy. One company that caught my attention is Sporten Ski, which I have seen mentioned here but can't find the posts, so forgive me if I repeat some questions already asked.


The reason why I am interested in Sporten is due to their lower price over the better known commercial brands. I have to buy equipment not only for myself but also for my wife and daughter so money is a limiting factor for me and these Sporten Skis are within my budget. Also, I would prefer to buy new equipment instead of renting it because the rental equipment here is in very poor condition as it is extremely abused by the people who rent it.


I am considering buying for myself the Sporten Irridium skis to replace my (very) old K2 KVComp slalom skis. Due to my age (55 yrs) I don't require such high performance skis now but I still want to enjoy my time on the groomed slopes and also the 90 min. per day I am allowed to go off by myself to the more challenging expert slopes and off-piste runs. My old K2's measure 204 cm. and my style of skiing is carving short turns similar to a slalom skier.


Do you think that these Sporten Irridium skis are good enough to meet my requirements? How do I go about deciding on the length now? I noticed that skis are much shorter today than they were back then. I was looking at a length of 176 cm. which is the biggest they have, is this too long now?


Any information or help is greatly appreciated. I am including a link to the skis in question. Thank you.