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I agree that it depends a lot on conditions. But a few general notes...


Telluride: I think they're trail rating is pretty much spot-on (although I am likely biased as this is where I learned to ski and is still my all-time favorite resort). I love that they have 6 different trail ratings, and I've found a great gradation in challenge matching their listings.


Arizona Snowbowl: some of the greens and blues here seem to be more difficult than at many other places I've been. But their single black diamond runs seem average or easier-than-average.


Brian Head: what I experienced was definitely on the easy side, but they also had one lift closed all day and I only got one ride up Giant Steps before the wind closed it, too. But every run I took was easy for its markings.


Timberline, Oregon: Also seemed to trend easy, although they did have short but fairly steep chicken hills in a few spots, even on easier runs.


Mountain High: a wacky mish-mash--they seem to have kept the trail ratings from each of the three precursor areas without any real attempt to standardize them. So now... MH West (the old Blue Ridge) has easier-than-usual trail ratings. Vertigo, their steepest regularly-opened run is marked double diamond (and therefore usually empty even on the busiest days), but I can ski it pretty easily in all sorts of conditions--and if I can do it, that means it's definitely not very "extreme"! MH East (the old Holiday Hill) seems a lot more difficult. The blues and single blacks on the main face seem to compare to Vertigo in difficulty, while the double-blacks are too scary for me. The beginner runs up top also seem more challenging than those at West (and I haven't tried First Tracks at the bottom). MH North (the old Ski Sunrise) is just different... the pitch seems consistent with beginner terrain, but there are a couple steeper sections and the trails are much narrower than at the other two areas, adding another dimension of challenge. 


Snowbasin: More challenging--their blues seem plenty challenging for me.

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I ski in the east, so these are the hard and easy ones compare.


I think that Whiteface is one of the hard ones.  They don't use double black diamonds on their regular trails.  This means that there are many single blacks that would be a double black at any other mountain.  Their blues would be borderline blacks at other mountains and their greens are like blues at some other mountains.


One of the easy ones is Belleayre.  Trails that are about the pitch of Victoria (a blue) at Whiteface are marked as double black.


Another easy one is Gore.  They have some blacks that really ski like blues such as Sagamore.  It is basically a blue the whole way down with 2 pitches that are borderline black, but they rated it black.


I have never skied at Okemo, but I hear that its trails are pretty easy.  I was planning to go last year, but those plans fell through.  I am going to go this year however.  I asked for advice on the place on a different site, and I was told that there is no real expert terrain there.  You will have fun skiing easy blues and blacks that ski like blues, but that is all there is and there is no expert terrain.

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For the second question, let's just say that sunshine grades on a curve. The blue runs are flat and the green runs go uphill.


I love watching somebody snowboarding at Sunshine for the first time.  They usually quit early because of a cramped up scooch leg.  Some of the green runs actually go uphill. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w7sVSMbjyM)


My kids primarily learned at Norquay, which means a big jump from easy greens to the 'double blue runs'.  Really toughens up the 3 year olds.


When Kicking Horse first opened I couldn't believe much of that stuff was a) inbounds, and b) rated single black.  I went to the base lodge and bought my first ski helmet that day.

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i have actually found Telluride to be pretty inconsistent about trail difficulties. Some of the 'double greens' should be single greens, and some of the single blacks are no different than double blacks in the same area. Gold Hill, Lift 9, and Revelation Bowl are all pretty spot on, but Prospect is all over the place. Overall I think Telluride deserves it's reputation as a difficult mountain, but some of the trail ratings are pretty baffling.

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I missed this thread the first time around.  That hillmap.com site is pretty cool.





And the often underrated Alpine Meadows...


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